Faculty Profiles

Our faculty are active researchers, writers and speakers; many of them internationally known for their contributions toward the advancement of their fields of study. But, most of all, they're passionate, caring teachers.

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    Susan D. Bosher, PhD

    Professor and Director, English as a Second Language

    I received my M.A. in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University in 1984 and my PhD in Second Languages and Cultures Education from the University of Minnesota in 1995. From 1984–1986, I taught in the English Program for International Students at University of Minnesota and from 1984–1988 in the Commanding English Program, a 1-year transitional program for high school immigrant youth, at General College, University of Minnesota. As Curriculum Coordinator for the Commanding English Program, from 1988–1992, I was responsible for evaluating and revising the curriculum to focus on content-based academic reading and writing.

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    Patricia Montalbano, PhD

    Assistant Professor, English


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    Francine Conley, PhD

    Professor, International Languages and Literature


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    Kristen Lillvis, PhD

    Division Chair of the Humanities, Mary Alice Muellerleile Endowed Chair and Professor of English

    Kristen Lillvis is the Mary Alice Muellerleile '60 Endowed Chair in English at St. Catherine University, where she teaches courses on digital humanities and contemporary American and African American literatures. Her research explores issues of identity in diverse texts across a range of media, including works of electronic literature.

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    Taiyon J Coleman, MA, MFA, PhD (she/her/hers)

    Associate Professor, Departments of Literature, Language, and Writing & Women's Studies

    Taiyon J Coleman is an educator, scholar, and writer. 

    Taiyon’s research focus includes US American, African-American, and African Diaspora literatures and cultures; gender and women’s studies; film; college composition, developmental writing, and rhetoric; creative writing; education; assessment; anti-racist curriculum; and DEI consulting.
    Taiyon’s most recent projects include the published essay, "Fool’s Gold," and she and three colleagues' co-authored grant application has received part of the $12 million in funding offered by The Mellon Foundation’s Inaugural Higher Learning Open Call for Civic Engagement and Social Justice-Related Research and Projectsto develop an interdisciplinary, intersectional curriculum that would promote anti-racism.

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    Holman Tse, PhD

    Assistant Professor of Language Studies, Dept. of Literature, Language, and Writing

    Holman Tse is a linguist who specializes in sound change in language contact settings. For example, his current research focuses on English influence (as well as lack of influence) on vowel pronunciation patterns among bilingual Cantonese heritage speakers in Toronto, Canada. At St. Kate’s, Dr. Tse teaches general linguistics and sociolinguistics courses for the Language Studies Program. These courses are part of the “language” part of the Department of Literature, Language, and Writing (formerly Dept. of English and International Languages). Dr. Tse also teaches a section of Global Search for Justice (CORE 3990W) focusing on Language as a Human Right.

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    Bethsabe Huaman Andia, PhD

    Assistant Professor. Literature, Language and Writing Department. Spanish Program

    I am an Assistant Professor at St. Kate's in the department of Literature, Language and Writing, also affiliated to the Women's Studies Program. 
    I am originally from Lima, Peru, where I studied Literature. I graduated from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMS) with a dissertation about the Peruvian poet Blanca Varela. I continued with the study of poetry among Peruvian female poets from 1980's generation in comparative research with Mexican female poets of the same generation. I graduated from El Colegio de Mexico (Colmex) with a dissertation about Coral Bracho and Rocío Silva Santisteban.