Research and Scholarship

Student presents her undergraduate research poster
Innovative and Relevant Research

St. Kate’s students, faculty, and staff engage in research across academic disciplines and through interdisciplinary, collaborative projects. Community and corporate partnerships broaden students’ learning beyond the classroom.

Research at St. Kate’s contributes to new insights and discoveries — and helps students grow as scholars and leaders.

Student Research Opportunities
Faculty and students collaborate on hot air balloon research
Undergraduate Student Research and Creative Inquiry

At St. Kate’s, undergraduate students are trained as scholars to lead in their field, work for systemic change, and transform the world. Students work independently and collaboratively with their professors to gain critical research skills and experiences. These opportunities often result in peer-reviewed presentations, publications, and exhibits.

St. Catherine University's Early Childhood Education faculty member and student work together
Graduate Student Research

Graduate students at St. Kate’s engage in meaningful research with faculty and community partners. Through these experiences, students deepen their professional knowledge and identity, while applying analytical skills to improve outcomes in the fields in which they work. Graduate work is often presented or published nationally and internationally and contributes to lasting change.

Faculty and Staff Research and Scholarship

Our faculty and staff are active researchers, writers, and speakers — many of them internationally known for their contributions to the advancement of their fields of study.

Visit the Faculty Scholarship Showcase to get a taste of the many exciting projects in which our faculty are immersed, often in collaboration with students. Visit the Faculty Scholarship Showcase 2020.

Find out what they have accomplished this year. Visit the 2021 Faculty and Staff Scholarship and Creative Works Celebration.

Research Support at the University

Research and Sponsored Programs
Charged with advancing University research, scholarship, and innovation, SPREE oversees University grantmaking, grant submission, sponsored programs administration, research compliance, and Institutional Review Board administration.

Libraries and Archives
Our libraries and archives foster the research efforts of our faculty and students, provide space and tools for them to collaborate, and help disseminate their research to the broader scholarly community.

In recent years, St. Kate’s received more than $20 million in new awards to help advance scholarship and program innovation. They include:

  • In 2019, a $1.5M National Institutes of Health – National Institute on Aging grant for Katies for Aging Research and Equity
  • In 2020, $6M from the GHR Foundation to support research and program innovation around interprofessional and ecological approaches to health and to building cultural fluency among future health professionals
  • In 2021, $376,391 National Institutes of Health subaward from the University of Minnesota for “Diet-Related Disease Research to Reduce Health Disparities”

Research News