Faculty Profiles

Our faculty are active researchers, writers and speakers; many of them internationally known for their contributions toward the advancement of their fields of study. But, most of all, they're passionate, caring teachers.

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    Carol Mager, MS

    Assistant Professor, Fashion Design and Merchandising

    I am an unconventional instructor. I worked in the fashion industry for 20+ years before coming to love teaching! I have designed and made industrial patterns for womenswear, menswear, and outerwear. My specialty is production quality pattern making, grading, and curating student collections. The courses I teach are: Apparel Construction & Analysis, Patternmaking, Advanced Construction, Collection Development, and Capstone Collection. I love working with individual students helping them grow their talents. Teaching and designing are my passions!

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    Jacqueline Parr, MS

    Interim Department Chair and Assistant Professor, Fashion Design and Merchandising

    Jacqueline Parr is an Assistant Professor at St. Catherine University in the Fashion Design and Merchandising program. In addition, she is completing her Ph.D at The University of Minnesota in Retail Merchandising and Consumer Studies. Prior to her current position, Jacqueline received her Masters in Merchandising from the University of North Texas and Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising from Texas Christian University. Her professional experience includes positions held at Neiman Marcus as an Assistant Buyer in Men’s Couture Clothing and as a vendor account manager for Wal-mart Accessories.

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    Anupama Pasricha, PhD

    Interim Dean, School of Business/Professor, Fashion Design and Merchandising

    Personal evaluation and reflection deepens my sense of consciousness towards the mission and vision of St. Catherine University and the realization that I have embodied this mission and vision. St. Catherine University has given me inspiration, the opportunity to work with wonderful people, and helped me grow and flourish as an individual, educator, researcher, and servant leader. This growth has enabled me to bring forth progressive influence on my students, colleagues, and community. It has brought me bliss, triumph, and an empowerment to continue the journey. I am so proud of the diversity of our students, their aesthetics, inspirations, and designs which are shaped by the innovative curriculum we teach.