Inclusive Excellence Resources for Faculty and Staff

The Sisters of St. Joseph value diversity of mind, body, and spirit and those beliefs inform the St. Catherine University's goal to drive a culture of inclusive excellence among our faculty and staff.

St. Kate’s recognizes that simply being a diverse institution is not the same as being inclusively excellent. The University is implementing recruitment strategies and training to provide faculty and staff with information and techniques that will help to attract excellent and diverse applicant pools. Policies are in place to conduct fair and equitable evaluations, and successfully hire new faculty members who will contribute to the excellence and diversity of St. Kate’s.

Additionally, the University is focused on improving the retention rate of our diverse faculty and staff by providing more resources for ongoing professional development. We value the rich diversity of experiences and thoughts that our staff, faculty, and administrators bring to our community.

Human Resources

St. Catherine University seeks creative, adaptable faculty and staff who enjoy working in a university climate that promotes cultural diversity and multicultural understanding.

Open positions

Human Resources

Equity and Inclusion Staff

Patricia Pratt-Cook, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion
(651) 690-6560 |

Sandra Mitchell, Director of Equity and Inclusion
(651) 690-6565 |

Denise Silva, Sr. HR Representative
(651) 690-6668 |

Campus Resources

Counseling Center
The Counseling Center provides consultations for faculty and staff who have questions about interacting with students who are coping with emotional and mental health issues. Specific ways the Counseling Center can help include providing information about specific mental health issues, identifying possible resources in the community, or suggestions regarding how to talk to the individual about seeking help from a mental health professional.

Center for Spirituality and Social Justice
Students, faculty, and staff of all spiritual, secular, and religious identities are welcome to share in creating a community of faith that engages in social justice at St. Kate’s.

Disability Resources
Faculty and staff are welcome to meet with our O’Neil Center staff to plan appropriate disability accommodations and identify campus and community resources that may be beneficial.

Employee Resources
The University provides a variety of opportunities for faculty and staff to build on their expertise and engage in additional areas of study.

Title IX
All members of the St. Kate’s community—students (current and applicants), faculty, staff, applicants for employment, persons doing business with or acting on behalf of the University, and visitors to campus—are protected under this Policy and share in responsibility for creating and maintaining an environment that promotes the safety and dignity of each person.

Diversity Recruitment and Best Practices
Our goals include increasing diversity of faculty and staff by implementing new recruitment strategies and following best practices.

Public Safety
Public Safety is committed to giving our students and visitors a safe and beautiful campus experience. If you are feeling unsafe or are being harassed on campus because of your identity, please call 651.690.8888 at any time, day or night, or text through the LiveSafe app.