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Institute of Simulation and Interprofessional Learning

Preparing Confident and Competent Healthcare Professionals

The Institute of Simulation and Interprofessional Learning (I-SAIL) supports high-quality simulation training and innovative interprofessional education (IPE) through evidence-informed standards and best practices.

Our expert IPE team prepares diverse professionals to improve health outcomes by instilling team awareness, team experience, and team ready with simulation practice, interprofessional courses, and co-curricular activities

See our IPE Simulation activities and innovative spaces in action.

Nursing students working in simulation lab

Healthcare Simulation and Interprofessional Education at St. Kate's

Interprofessional education occurs when two or more professionals learn "with, about, and from each other" to improve patient care (WHO, 2010). IPE is integrated into all of St. Kate's nursing and healthcare programs via curricular activities and simulation-enhanced training. All of this contributes to fundamental skill development, including:

  • Person-centered care and communication
  • Interpretation of patient status
  • Clinical judgment and decision making
  • Implementation of interventions
  • Care of the patient across the life span
Students engaging in Interprofessional Education simulation

IPE simulation activities

Nursing student engagning in simulation activity

Total learner hours

Nursing students practicing simulation experience

12,000 ft2
Of recently renovated simulation space

High-Quality Simulation Training

St. Catherine University invests in a high-quality simulation program to produce collaborative, real-life care scenarios that prepare students for careers and leadership in team-based healthcare settings. We intentionally plan and deliver a robust IPE experience and technical discipline training at all levels of the student’s educational journey with:

  • A broad scope of situations from patient conversations to critical code management
  • Highly technical on site equipment
  • Extended Reality (XR/VR) platforms to support learning
  • Simulated Patient/Client Actor program
  • Robust faculty development and continuing education program
 Healthcare Simulation Lab at St. Catherine University
Teacher and student in simulation exercise.

Dedicated simulation faculty/staff

In a healthcare simulation room, HSSH Simulation Director Krista Anderson, RN, MSN, CHSE-A (right) conducts an interprofessional clinical simulation with students Ntshiashe "Kristine" Lee, MSN-EL'21 (center) and Hannah Zenisek OTD'22 (left).

Certified Simulation Healthcare Educators (CHSE)

Student and teacher working in simulation space

Learner experiences across 255 simulation activities annually

St. Catherine University is proud to partner with Minneapolis-based GHR Foundation to build upon our legacy of preparing the next generation of professionals to lead and influence. As the recipient of two generous grants from the Foundation, St. Kate’s is able to provide students with a high-quality education that ensures their skills are relevant and applicable in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Learn more here.

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