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Institute of Simulation and Interprofessional Learning

Nursing students working with a mannequin

Be patient ready. Team ready. Career ready.

At St. Catherine University, we believe in the value of experiential learning. We’ve invested in the success of our students with a state-of-the-art simulation training and Interprofessional Education (IPE) program. This program is an essential part of the curriculum for all nursing and healthcare students. Robust spaces feature cutting-edge equipment and future-forward technology to immerse students in today’s clinical and fieldwork settings. 

Each space includes control rooms where faculty can monitor simulations, as well as a debriefing room for real-time evaluations and feedback. Our seven dedicated simulation staff and three certified healthcare simulation educators (CHSE) use high-fidelity mannequins, live patient actors, and current technologies to create realistic healthcare scenarios. Students hone their technical skills while learning to work effectively alongside other healthcare professionals in a structured, safe environment.

Consider it dress rehearsal.

Imagine, in a simulated acute care hospital room, nursing students collaborate with respiratory care students to revive a coding patient. A social work student goes into the “home” of a person with mental health and addiction issues. Our physician assistant, physical therapy and nutrition science students meet and confer with actual clients in clinical settings.

Our nursing and healthcare students work through hundreds of intentional simulations and interprofessional activities each year, building skills such as:

  • Person-centered care and communication
  • Interpretation of patient status
  • Clinical judgment and decision-making
  • Implementation of interventions
  • Care of the patient across the lifespan

Start your future as a healthcare leader today.

Take a spin through the sim labs.

What is Interprofessional Education (IPE)?

Working in teams is not intuitive. It takes engagement with other specialists to practice and improve essential communication skills. IPE happens when two or more professions work together to improve patient care. It is central to our healthcare education, strategically integrated into classroom work, simulation activities, collaborative research and hands-on opportunities. These are the building blocks of teamwork so critical in healthcare today. Learn more, Benefits of Interprofessional Learning in Healthcare.

Together, simulation and IPE can build real confidence.

At St. Kate’s, we’re proud to build on our reputation of providing top quality, well-prepared healthcare professionals and future leaders. The creation of the Institute of Simulation and Interprofessional Learning (I-SAIL), and investment in the highest quality sim and IPE training, furthers that goal by offering our students:

  • A broad scope of situations from patient assessments to critical code management
  • Innovative technologies and authentic equipment, including high-fidelity mannequins and virtual/extended reality platforms
  • A Simulated Patient/Client Actor program
  • A rigorous faculty development and continuing education program

Lab Spaces

Advanced Clinical Assessment Labs

  • Basic/Physical Assessment
  • Procedural Skills

High-Fidelity Simulation Labs

  • 5 Acute Care Hospital Environments
  • Obstetric Delivery Suite
  • Home/Transitional Care/Long-Term Care Environment
  • 5 Control Rooms
  • Primary Care Lab
  • Two Skills Labs
  • Food/Nutrition Lab
  • Medication Room
  • Radiography/Medical Imaging Suite



Gaumard Mannequins

  • Adult Hal
  • Noelle
  • 5-year-old Hal
  • 1-year-old Hal
  • Newborn Hal
  • Super Tory

Laerdal Mannequins

  • 2 Nursing Anne simulators
  • Sim Mom
  • Large fleet of low fidelity and static practice mannequins

Wearable Simulators

  • Avtrach
  • Mama Natalie
  • Obese suite

Additional Tools

  • Ventriloscope
  • Simbionix Pelvic Monitor
  • Lumbar Puncture Trainer
  • Central Line Insertion Trainer
  • Videoscope
  • Airway heads
  • Fully stocked code cart
  • Electronic health medical record software
  • Virtual reality simulation activities
GHR Foundation

St. Catherine University is proud to partner with Minneapolis-based GHR Foundation to build upon our legacy of preparing the next generation of professionals to lead and influence. As the recipient of two generous grants from the Foundation, St. Kate’s is able to provide students with a high-quality education that ensures their skills are relevant and applicable in the ever-changing healthcare industry. Learn more here.