Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Physical Therapist working with patient

Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Within six months of graduation, 100% of our students who pass their licensure exam are employed.

Let leadership skills and our networked faculty open new doors for you.

Gain the education and experience to become a master clinician.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at St. Catherine University enables you to be a highly competent, ethical, evidence-based clinician prepared to lead and influence within the profession of physical therapy, the healthcare environment, and the broader global community.

Designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in any field, our holistic PT program approach offers contextual learning from a liberal arts foundation and 40 weeks of full-time clinical experience. Choose between local, national, and international service learning opportunities working with underserved populations. Our students engage with peers and faculty in other health programs to develop the necessary interprofessional skills for contemporary practice, including:

  • Information management and knowledge retrieval for sound judgment and ethical action
  • Agility to meet the ever-changing complex healthcare environment
  • Patient education on prevention and management techniques to achieve long-term health benefits
  • Positively lead, influence, and shape physical therapy practice

Students of all genders are welcome in this program.

Program at a Glance

Format: On campus

Start: Fall

Time to completion: 33 months (8 semesters)

Credits required: 118

Tuition per semester: $13,617 (2023-24 rate)

Total tuition: $108,936


Rates are subject to change each June 1. Tuition and fee information

All applicants will be reviewed for DPT scholarships

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Plan of Study

Below are sample plans of study. For course descriptions and other details, consult the University catalog.


  • September (3 weeks)
    DPT 5000 Intro to Physical Therapist Practice (3cr)
  • Sept. – Nov. (6 weeks)
    DPT 5010 Outpatient Physical Therapy I (6cr)
  • Nov. – Dec. (6 weeks)
    DPT 5025 Acute Care I (6cr)


  • Jan. – Feb. (7 weeks)
    DPT 5035 Outpatient Physical Therapy II (7cr)
  • Feb. – March (6 weeks)
    DPT 5040 Rehabilitation I (6cr)
  • April – May (7 weeks)
    DPT 5055 Transitional Care I (7cr)


  • June – Aug. (8 weeks)
     DPT 5070 Clinical Education I (6cr)


  • Sept. – Oct. (5 weeks)
    DPT 6000 Acute Care II (6cr)
  • Oct. – Nov. (5 weeks)
    DPT 6015 Rehabilitation II (6cr)
  • Nov. – Dec. (5 weeks)
    DPT 6025 Transitional Care II (5cr)


  • January (4 weeks)
    DPT 6030 Rehabilitation III (4cr)


  • Jan. – May
    DPT 7000 Research Project I (2cr)
  • Feb. – March (7 weeks)
    DPT 6040 Outpatient Physical Therapy III (7cr)
  • March - May (10 weeks)
    DPT 6055 Clinical Education II (7cr)


  • June – July (6 weeks)
    DPT 6060 Pediatrics (6cr)
  • July – Aug. (4 weeks)
    DPT 7100 Complex Medical and Trauma Care (6cr)


  • Aug. - Dec.
    DPT 7040 Research Project II (2cr)
  • Sept. - Oct. (5 weeks)
    DPT 7126 Advanced Clinical Practice I (4cr)
  • Oct. – Dec. (11 weeks)
    DPT 7145 Clinical Education III (7cr)


  • January (3 weeks)
    DPT 7136 Advanced Clinical Practice II (4cr)


  • Jan. – May
    DPT 8000 Research Project III (2cr)
  • Feb. – April (11 weeks)
    DPT 7155: Clinical Education IV (7cr)
  • May
    DPT 7165: Ethics and Leadership Summit (3cr)
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