Women's Health Integrative Research Center

The Women’s Health Integrative Research (WHIR) Center aims to transform through collaborative initiatives the study and practice of healthy, vital lives for women. Faculty, staff, and students across the University, as well as innovative partners in the community at large, get involved in our education and research efforts.

Interdisciplinary Research

We are committed to providing students and faculty with resources and opportunities to conduct interdisciplinary collaborative research within the fields of women’s health and human performance. We embrace a holistic focus on women’s health that includes the seven dimensions of wellness: emotional, spiritual, environmental, physical, social, intellectual, and occupational. Through all of our research programming and the ​Visiting Experts in Women’s Health​ seminar series, we emphasize the integrative nature of wellness.

Collaborative teams from across the University conduct research in diverse areas including

  • maternal support in the context of congenital heart defects
  • how carrying children affects metabolic cost and walking speed in women
  • the role of mentorship support for couples experiencing infertility
  • validation of a jump landing task to identify risky lower extremity movement patterns
  • the importance of gait training to prevent falls and promote vitality in older adults
  • neuromuscular fatigue and balance control in childhood cancer survivors
  • innovative solutions to health disparities that exist around maternal mortality

Many of these research projects are strengthened by external partnerships with local hospitals and early-stage femtech and women’s health focused companies. Through these partnerships, our students gain opportunities for hands-on research in their field of interest and we can support cutting-edge advances in health and wellness for those in our larger community.

With an eye toward meeting the needs of our time, the WHIR Center is proud to support the ​Katies for Aging Research and Equity Program​. Through this new research education program, we support students and faculty from across the University as they ​study, challenge, and reimagine systems to promote healthy aging and longevity for all.

New projects and collaborations are happening all the time! Please contact us to inquire about the current opportunities to engage in collaborative research.

Professional Development

The WHIR Center provides a unique and high-impact learning environment for students across the University. Through educational opportunities and research mentorship at the WHIR Center, students gain valuable practical experience in preparation for graduate school and for the workplace. Students achieve interpersonal and analytical skills by conducting hands-on research and designing studies with the guidance of faculty and community experts.

Collaborative Research

The WHIR Center engages students in hands-on learning through lab classes in a variety of different disciplines. Departments that regularly engage in WHIR Center research and laboratory activities include: biology, exercise science, holistic health, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. Hands-on learning opportunities allow students to put into practice what they read about in their textbooks.