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Find all the dates you need to know for every term and every academic programs at St. Kate's. The calendars reflect schedules for College for Women, College for Adults, and Graduate College students. Dates are subject to change without notice. Refer to the calendars on this website for the most up-to-date information.

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Current students, go to the Students page for online registration.

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Fall 2020 Course Schedule and Registration Information


Course Format and Schedule

Courses will be delivered in three formats: face-to-face, hybrid, and online. While we desire to have students experience face-to-face instruction, face-to-face courses have been prioritized based on the need to have access to specialized equipment and/or lab spaces that require physical attendance in class. 

To help you know in which format a course is being offered, the course schedule now has a specific tier designation ranging from 1-5 for each fall course. The definitions for each tier and where to locate the tier designation for specific courses can be found here: View course tier definitions

Registration Eligibility

Please read the following information about amended registration eligibility policies for Fall 2020.

With consideration to students experiencing financial hardships, we are temporarily allowing students with a balance of less than $2,500 to register for the Fall 2020 semester. What does this mean for you as a student?

  • Registration holds will be lifted for accounts that have balances less than $2,500, which will allow students to register during their scheduled registration window for the courses needed to progress and stay on track for graduation.

  • Students will have extra time to pay down their student account balance without penalty. 

In addition, we are offering a COVID-19 Emergency Payment Plan for students with a balance greater than $2,500. 

  • Students and authorized users who can actively make payments on their student account balance and want to get registered for Fall 2020, please contact Student Accounts at

  • After a student has established a COVID-19 Emergency Payment Plan with a member of the Student Accounts staff, the student will be allowed extra time to pay down their student account without penalty and will be allowed to register for Fall 2020, through August 3, 2020. 

We know it is important for you to stay on track academically; it is important to us as well. We also want our students to be financially successful, which is why students will be provided additional time to pay down their student account balance. In addition, during this time, students will not be assessed finance fees. 

To protect students and their families from incurring a debt level that could create adverse financial circumstances, students whose balance is over $1,000 on Monday, August 3, by 4:00 p.m. will be dropped from their registered Fall 2020 courses and a registration hold will be placed on their student account. Students should work with their Financial Aid counselor as well as the staff in Student Accounts to find a resolution. Once the balance becomes lower than $1,000, the registration hold will be lifted and the student can proceed with registration for Fall 2020. 

Undergraduate Courses through Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities

If you have already completed one semester as an undergraduate in St. Kate’s College for Women, you may register for one course through Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC). You may qualify for an exception to the one-course rule if you are taking a foreign language not offered at St. Kate’s, if you are pursuing an ACTC major, or if you are pursuing a specialized major or minor that requires ACTC courses).

ACTC Cross-registration Form

ACTC Course Schedules:

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Transfer Credit

Do you want to take courses at another institution during your time at St. Kate's? Use TES (Transfer Evaluation System), to search for the institution you are transferring from and see how those courses will be evaluated at St. Kate’s.

Transfer students may have had prior or alternative learning experiences that are worth credit hours at St. Kate’s. This includes learning beyond the classroom, such as military service or on-the-job training, or courses completed at institutions that are not regionally accredited.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

Transfer Student Information

Credit for Prior Learning