New registration instructions

The registration process at St. Kate's has been upgraded as of March 27, 2021.
Before proceeding to the links below, please see these important details about the registration process.

1. When browsing courses or registering for classes, first choose a term from the drop down menu, then press Continue.

Image of the Select A Term dropdown, scrolled down to Summer 2021 which is highlighted in purple.

2. On the "Enter Your Search Criteria" page, you must choose a Course Schedule in the first box. Clicking in the box will present the various familiar course schedule options.

Attention:  ACTC Students form Augsburg, Hamline, Macalester, or St. Thomas must select the College for Women course schedule prior to searching for specific courses. If you don't, you will see courses that are not available to ACTC students.

Mouse selecting the Course Schedules dropdown and going down the list to hover of College for Women. Also pictured as options: College for Adults, Graduate, OTA Online.

3. Choose from the available pre-populated Subjects, or find additional search criteria under the Advanced Search. Clicking into a search field will present a drop down of available options.

Image showing Browse Classes fields. You are able to search using the Subject field and Course Number field or use the Advanced Search link. Subject, Search button, and Advanced Search link are highlighted.