New Course Schedule Instructions

Please read through the updated instructions as the process for searching for courses has changed following an upgrade on March 1, 2022.

Step 1. (REQUIRED) When searching for courses or registering for classes, first choose a term from the drop-down menu, then press Continue.

Image of a dropdown being used to locate year and term of class.

Step 2. (REQUIRED) On the "Enter Your Search Criteria" page, you must choose a Course Schedule in the first box. Not all of the options fit in the window; please scroll down to see the Summer (CFW/CFA) schedule.  NOTE: If you do not enter a value in this field your search will not be accurate, which will lead to registration problems.

Image of the Browse Classes search field.

Select the Course Schedule based on the following definitions:

  • College for Adults (CFA): Students enrolled in the CFA searching for courses offered in the fall or spring terms.
  • College for Women (CFW): Students enrolled in the CFW searching for courses offered in the fall or spring terms.
  • Graduate (All Terms): Students enrolled in a graduate program.
  • J-Term (CFA/CFW only): Students enrolled in the CFW or CFA searching for courses offered in the month of January.
  • OTA Online (All Terms): Students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant program.
  • Summer (CFA/CFW only): Students enrolled in the CFW or CFA searching for courses offered in the summer term.

Step 3. (OPTIONAL) Choose from the available pre-populated Course Attributes to find courses that meet certain criteria; such as, writing requirement, service-learning, natural sciences (meets the undergraduate core requirement), or Women's Studies (meets undergraduate core requirement). Clicking into a search field will present the drop down of available options. NOTE: You may enter more than one attribute. The search will return courses that have at least one of the attributes you select.

Image of Browse Classes search field in use, creating a dropdown of courses.

Step 4. (OPTIONAL) Choose from the available pre-populated Subjects. You may also utilize the additional search criteria under the Advanced Search.

Image circling where the Subject Field and Advanced Search link are located in the registration form.

Step 5. (HELPFUL) When you have entered your search criteria and clicked on the Search button, you will see several columns of data. Please pay special attention to the Sched-Expand Column for Dates>> column, as the column contains much more information than it appears to at first glance. To expand the column, hover over the vertical line that separates this column from the Status column until you see an arrow pointing two directions. Click and hold the mouse button and drag the line to the right to expand the column until you see the course dates displayed as depicted below.

Pay close attention to the course dates, since not all courses span the full term.

Image of th course days and times. Be sure to check when the course begins and ends as not all of them span the entire term.