Holds Table

Students who have a hold on their record are not permitted to register or add courses until the hold has been removed. Students are advised to contact the office that placed the hold to determine the course of action required to lift the hold. See the list of hold types and contacts below.


Type of Hold Contact Phone

Accounts Receivable, Balance, Bankruptcy Write Off,
Debt, Exit, Financial Responsibility, Loan, Title IV,
Balance Hold Can Register, Balance Hold over 1000

Student Accounts 651-690-6503
Advising Office Academic Advising Office 651-690-6803
Athletic Department Athletic Department 651-690-6705
University Immunization Health and Wellness 651-690-6714
Student Affairs Student Affairs 651-690-6778
Final Transcript Registrar's Office
Adult Resource Center
Financial Aid Financial Aid Office 651-690-6540
Immunization Compliance Office 651-690-7781
New Student Academic Advising Office 651-690-6803
Probation Academic Advising Office 651-690-6803
SSN Not Provided Student Accounts 651-690-6503