Reflections for our Community

Our Lady of Victory Chapel on St. Catherine University's St. Paul, MN campus

As we take this day to reflect and heal, we wanted to share a collection of news articles, speeches, meditations, and other resources. Reflection is one of our five values and calls us to “contemplate all life experience and examine the mystery of human purpose.”

Yesterday’s guilty verdicts in the Chauvin trial for the murder of George Floyd were an important step toward meaningful change to end systemic racism and set a precedent for police accountability.  Today’s statement from the Sisters of St. Joseph notes that “we are also compelled to move our faith into confront whiteness and to work for lasting systemic change that will address the grave racial disparities and injustices within our own hearts, our community, Minnesota, and our nation.” We must collectively continue to work together to lead change that will create a more just world; there is much more work to do.

We also want to acknowledge that today many of you will be thinking of and praying for the families and loved ones of Daunte Wright as his life is honored at his wake and of Ma'Khia Bryant, a young black girl who was killed by police in Columbus, Ohio, yesterday afternoon. 

We hope that you are all able to take time today, either alone or together, to reflect and process these recent events. To breathe and just be. To begin to heal and see the goodness and hope  that exists. 

Peace be with you. 

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