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COVID-19 Information

Should I get tested for COVID 19?

Health and Wellness Clinic Testing

COVID-19 saliva PCR tests are available on campus for faculty, staff, and students. These tests are currently administered in the Health and Wellness Clinic.

Sign up for testing at the Health and Wellness Clinic

When you arrive for your test:

  • Wear your mask until you begin the test.
  • Bring your smartphone and health insurance card with you to register for the test.
  • Do not eat or drink anything for 30 minutes prior to testing.
  • Results will be sent directly to you via email once they have been processed.

Other Locations for Testing

Most clinics and hospitals across the state have the ability to collect samples (specimens) for lab testing. See Find Testing Locations for a map of Minnesota's ongoing testing locations.

Call ahead before going to the clinic or hospital to be tested. Not all clinics test people who do not have symptoms.

MDH works in partnership with communities to provide safe and free on-site COVID-19 testing in areas with outbreaks, increasing cases, or other barriers to access existing test sites. See COVID-19 Community Testing for locations and dates for new community testing sites.

What to do when waiting for a COVID 19 result


At this time, obtaining the COVID-19 vaccine should take precedence over any other vaccine. However, if you need other immunizations, or tuberculosis testing before, during, or after the COVID-19 vaccine, please note the special schedule to do so:

  • Any vaccine should be given no sooner than 14 days before, or 14 days after you have received your full COVID-19 vaccine series.
  • Any tuberculosis screening should be completed in its entirety prior to starting the COVID-19 vaccine series. If you have already started the COVID-19 series, you will need to defer TB testing until four weeks after you have completed the full COVID-19 vaccine series.

Health and Wellness Patient Portal

Use the patient portal to complete pending forms, access secure messaging, schedule appointments, upload documents, enter immunizations and also access/print immunization records.

Health and Wellness patient portal

Learn more about University immunization requirements for all students. Complete the immunization exemption form to document a medical or non-medical immunization exemption from the required TDAP Vaccine, or MMR Vaccine.

COVID VACCINE Accommodations/Exemptions

Faculty or staff requesting a reasonable accommodation/exemption should submit a request for medical or religious accommodation/exemption to Human Resources.

Students requesting a reasonable accommodation/exemption should submit a request for accommodation/exemption to Student Affairs (

These requests should be submitted as soon as possible.

Questions can be emailed to

University immunization requirement upload



All patients need to schedule an appointment to be seen. Please have your health insurance information available when scheduling your appointment. Patients can schedule an appointment online via the patient portal, or by calling the clinic at 651-690-6714.

To Do Prior to Appointment

Patients will need to complete all pending paperwork (access these via patient portal). It is the responsibility of the patient to determine if their health insurance will cover their visit at the Health and Wellness Clinic prior to their appointment. All charges that are not covered (patient responsibility) will be billed to their student account.


The clinic doors will remain locked at all times. When arriving at the clinic for your appointment, please use the intercom system to contact the front desk. If the intercom system is not available, please call the clinic and a staff member will let you into the clinic. Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time to complete the check in process.


If you are unable to keep an appointment, we ask that you cancel it as soon as possible. You can cancel appointments through the patient portal, via email (, or you can call the clinic directly to cancel.

After Hours Care

In the event the clinic is closed and you have a health issue arise, here are some after-hour medical resources. If you are experiencing a medical emergency please dial 911, or contact Public Safety at 651-690-8888.

Nurse Line

Most insurance companies offer a nurse care line option (check on the back of your insurance card for the telephone number).

Nearby Hospitals and Urgent Care Clinics

Check with your health insurance prior to any visit to ensure coverage.

United Hospital
333 Smith Ave N
St. Paul, MN

Regions Hospital
640 Jackson St
St Paul, MN 55101

The Urgency Room

Healthpartners St. Paul Urgent Care

Covid Testing Sites


Diagnosis and Treatment of General Medical Problems

  • Acute illness
  • Mental health concerns
  • Cold or flu symptoms
  • GI concerns (nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation)
  • Fatigue
  • Urinary tract infections (bladder infection)
  • Respiratory problems and infections
  • Injuries
  • Eye, ear and throat problems
  • Skin rashes
  • COVID 19 testing

Women's Healthcare

  • Pelvic exams
  • PAP smears
  • Breast exams
  • Diagnosis and treatment of STIs
  • Evaluation of menstrual irregularities
  • Diagnosis and treatment of yeast infections and other vaginal infections.


The clinic offers a variety of preventative and travel immunizations. Please call for further information. Please note, the Health and Wellness Clinic does not have access to your immunization records that you have submitted to the Student Compliance Office (they handle immunization requirements for the School of Health), as we are separate entities. We only handle the University Immunization Requirements.

Mental Health

We have a psychiatry specialist at the clinic on Wednesdays. Please visit the patient portal to schedule your appointment. We will bill your insurance for all psychiatry appointments.

  • The clinic provides mental health care for students with a variety of diagnoses, including anxiety, depression, and sleep difficulties.
  • The clinic staff can also assist students to manage an existing diagnosis of ADD/ADHD. It is required that students submit, prior to the appointment, medical documentation that includes a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD before medications will be prescribed.


The clinic has a limited stock of low cost, commonly prescribed medications. These medications are not billed through insurance, they are billed directly to the patient’s student account. A provider must be seen before obtaining a prescription. If you need a prescription medication that is not available in the clinic, or you would like to use your health insurance to cover some of the cost, your provider can send prescriptions to be filled at an outside pharmacy of your choice.

Wellness Articles and Information

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