Celebrating the impact of your generosity

At the culmination of this seminal campaign, we honor the progress made together and look ahead to the future.
November 27: Join us for the reveal of the final number raised toward our goal of $130 million!

From the St. Catherine University Magazine fall 2023 issue.

On November 1, we concluded LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence with a record number of St. Catherine University alumni, faculty, staff, students, and community members. Thanks to these donors and volunteers, the impact of LEAD & INFLUENCE will resonate for generations to come.

An institutional commitment to empowering women to lead and influence resounds through each of the four campaign pillars: Our Students, Our Faculty, Our Place, and the Katie Fund. In supporting these priorities, our community members bolster this mission and demonstrate the transformative power of a St. Kate’s education.

Construction cranes at work on Our Lady of Victory Chapel

Our Lady of Victory Chapel

Donor generosity is evident all across campus, where renovations to Our Lady of Victory Chapel and Mendel are underway. Sunlight shines through the newly replaced Chapel windows, illuminating a space that has been integral to life at St. Kate’s for almost a century. Restoration of the front steps, pews, roof, ceiling, electrical systems, and tower infrastructure are also in progress, investments that will protect the Chapel from wear and tear and allow it to stand tall for many more years to come. These projects will be complete in time for the Chapel’s 100th anniversary in fall 2024 — another milestone we look forward to celebrating (stay tuned for details!).

Construction on Mendel in progress


In Mendel, our commitment to educating leaders in STEM takes shape with updates to classrooms and technology. The building has housed science education for women for over 95 years — nearly ten decades that have seen innumerable developments in science and technology. These renovations, which include refreshed labs and collaborative student spaces, will expand the impact of a STEM education at St. Kate’s.

Investment in our faculty and our students is always a priority as we strive for academic excellence. We are grateful to donors like the GHR Foundation, which recently renewed its Legacy Grant and Academic Excellence Grant, bringing an additional $11 million to St. Kate’s health education over the next five years. Thanks to gifts like this, we can continue to fund innovations in the Henrietta Schmoll School of Health Sciences and the School of Nursing, supporting our faculty and preparing our students to make their own impact when they graduate. 

Seasons change, but women's leadership and transformative education remains as important as ever. While the work continues, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the conclusion of this important chapter and all the progress we’ve made together thus far. We invite you to gather with us on November 27 at The O’Shaughnessy, where we will share the impact of donors’ participation and express our gratitude for everyone who has helped make LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence a success. Donors, volunteers, alumni, students, faculty, staff, and friends are all invited.

We look forward to celebrating with you, and to continuing to build on the inclusive excellence that is the foundation of St. Catherine University. Thank you.  

Learn more about the Next Level of Excellence at stkate.edu/campaign