Lead and Influence: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence
Students gather at Opening Celebration
Support and Connect Exceptional Students

St. Catherine University cultivates leaders who are grounded in reality and powered by values. Katies believe in their potential to make change because they are equipped with the insight and ability to influence not just individual outcomes, but also the systems and circumstances behind them. How do we help today’s students cultivate these abilities, and prepare them to step out into the world?

With your support of students through LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence, we will:

  • Expand need-based financial aid, allowing us to attract, support, and graduate the best students regardless of their financial means—and ensure they can take full advantage of our rich array of experiences.

  • Create an Office of Scholarly Engagement to consolidate research, fellowships, honors, global studies, and community work in a single place. Through this new office, we will extend high-impact programs and practices to help students across the University find their place in our community and our world and reap the rewards of a St. Kate’s education.

  • Create a compelling pathway to life beyond St. Kate’s that begins the day students set foot on campus. We will strengthen our alumni and employer professional network and enable more students to access paid internships, career readiness programming, and a stronger career development center.

George Floyd Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Love of the dear neighbor without distinction. This phrase is a guiding principle of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet and informs the work of St. Catherine University as an institution dedicated to providing access and opportunities to all.

Our history and values uniquely position us to respond to the call for racial justice brought forth by the killing of George P. Floyd, Jr. on May 25, 2020, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The fatal incident of police brutality and subsequent unrest occurred not five miles from the St. Catherine campus in the neighborhoods where many of our students, faculty, and staff reside. Our proximity amplifies the reality of the racial disparities that are present in our world and the systemic changes needed in order to improve justice and eradicate racism. Now is the time to act, to join together, to partner with St. Kate’s and fuel our mission of education as an expression of social justice.

The George Floyd Memorial Endowed Scholarship is a prestigious scholarship awarded to a Black American student pursuing a degree that prepares them for a career to lead and promote social justice specifically related to racism. All eligible students in any of the three colleges can apply by submitting an essay on how they intend to promote social justice in their academic, professional, and civic life. As the Sisters broke down barriers to success and opportunity through education, so does St Kate’s investing in changemakers who seek to improve and enhance our communities, organizations, and society. While acknowledging the barriers to higher education for many Black American students, St. Catherine University provides the support and resources that open doors for students. 

Creating the George Floyd Memorial Endowed Scholarship is a vital step to addressing systemic disparities by investing in our students who bring their intellect, passion, and commitment to leading change. We invite you to join us in this work.