Can I email my paper and have it corrected?
No. Tutors conduct personal sessions one-on-one with students. Shared conversation is an integral part of the revision or planning process. Tutors gently guide, suggest and encourage, focusing on the development of the writing process and the acquisition of writing skills.

I am not available during business hours; how can I utilize the Writing/Reading Center?
You may book an online tutoring appointment for any of the available times on the schedules set up for writing support. We offer appointment times on weekends and after business hours.

Does the Writing/Reading Center solely focus on editing and proofreading?
No. While tutors do address grammar and punctuation issues, those are not the only focus of the session. Tutors address matters of content, organization, and clarity. We seek to produce better writers, not just better papers.

Is the Writing/Reading Center only for students who need remedial help?
No. Writers of all levels regularly utilize us.

Is the Writing/Reading Center for undergraduate students only?
No. Graduate students are welcome to use our services.

Will the tutors correspond with my instructor?
No. To protect confidentiality, tutors do not discuss students’ writing with instructors. With your permission, professional staff may confirm with an instructor that you visited with us, but specific details about visits are not shared.

What majors frequent the Writing/Reading Center?
All majors and types of papers are welcome.

Does the Writing/Reading Center work on résumés or curriculum vitae?
While tutors can help with cover letters, Career Development offers assistance on all things career related and is best for help with a résumé.