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Select Your Classes

Choosing courses that keep you on track with your degree requirements is easy with a little help from your Graduate Enrollment Counselor. Your counselor will use your personal email to send you suggestions for your first term.

Look forward to receiving these by the time registration becomes available for new students.

How many courses or credits should I register for?
St. Kate's courses vary from 1-4 credits.

  • 3 credits is the minimum to be considered for half-time financial aid.
  • 6 credits is the minimum to be considered a full-time student.

Can I deviate from the suggested courses?
Taking the courses your Graduate Enrollment Counselor suggests can help you avoid pitfalls along your degree completion path.

Many courses are not offered every semester and depending on your program some courses have strict sequencing requirements.

Register Online

After you have received course requirements from your enrollment counselor, you can register for your courses online.

Searching for Courses

  • Got to My St. Kate’s
  • Scroll to Student Self Service
  • Click on "Course Schedules"
  • Follow the instructions and screenshots as listed on this page.
  • Select a Term: Choose your start term
  • Select a Course Schedule: Choose the schedule "Graduate"
  • Select a Subject: Choose the subject that corresponds with your course, for example, for MBA 7500, you should choose "Master of Business Admin." You can enter a course number or you simply click "search" once you have chosen a subject.

Below is an example of your results.

Registering for Courses
To add classes to your schedule, first you must select a term.

The Register for Classes page is divided into three boxes.

  1. Top: Find Classes, Enter CRNs, and Schedule and Options tabs. 
  2. Left-hand bottom: Schedule and Schedule Details tabs. Once classes are added, you can view your schedule details.
  3. Right-hand bottom: Summary. Courses you have added or are in the process of adding will display here.

You can search for courses using the Register for Classes page by choosing or adding the appropriate information within the "Find Classes" tab under "Enter your Search Criteria."

  • Once you add a course, you should see it as "Pending" under status in the lower right.
  • To confirm registration, click "submit."
  • You are registered once you see the status changed from "Pending" to "Registered" on the lower right.
  • You can check your schedule by reviewing the Schedule and Schedule Details tabs on the lower left corner.


Learn Virtually

Courses that are not offered online may still have virtual resources that are essential for students to learn how to navigate.

Brightspace/D2L houses St. Kate's virtual resources and online classes.

This sample D2L course allows new students to explore the functionality of courses that are offered completely online, as well as virtual resources, such as your syllabus, course documents, and lectures.

Academic Calendars and Refund Schedules

Academic calendars are maintained by the Registrar’s Office. Please see the following links for current dates and deadlines:

Fall and Spring Academic Calendar

Summer Academic Calendar

Important dates

  • First and last day of classes
  • Last day to add and drop classes
  • Last day to withdraw from a class without a W on a transcript
  • Last day to withdraw with a W or designate S/U grading
  • Finals schedule
  • Final grades due

Make sure that you know what percentage of a course you are responsible for paying before you drop a course. The 100% drop period is relatively short – a week, for full-term classes. We also offer first-half and second half courses in spring, summer and fall terms, and j-term courses in spring term, so it’s important that you make sure you check the refund time frame that applies to your course.

Refund Schedules Refund Schedules

Before dropping a course

  • Check with the Financial Aid Office so they can review your financial aid eligibility. They will determine what, if any, changes will need to be made if you make changes to your registration.
  • Check the academic calendar for drop deadlines
  • Consult with your advisor or program director to make sure the course you wish to drop won’t negatively impact your ability to stay on track or qualify for your program.


Office of the Registrar

Contact information
229 Derham Hall

The Registrar’s office assists students with

  • Registering for courses
  • Dropping courses
  • Grading options: S/U or Audit
  • Obtaining academic transcripts
  • Evaluating courses for transfer credit
  • Veterans Affairs (VA) certifications
  • Enrollment verification
  • Special registration for Independent Study, Directed Study, or Internships