The Denny Award is named for Carol Easley Denny, the late wife of Charles M. Denny, Jr., trustee emeritus and former chair of St. Catherine University’s Board of Trustees. The award amount is up to $20,000. One to two awards may be given annually; the minimum award is $5,000. *Note, this is different than the Denny Prize for Distinction in Writing.

The Carol Easley Denny Award provides annual award(s) to a faculty member(s) by the President upon the recommendation of the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Academic Deans in order to enhance the professional experience at the College of St. Catherine, based on at least one of the following criteria:

·       To support scholarly research in his/her discipline;

·       To encourage interdisciplinary study that will revitalize his/her discipline and/or the college’s curriculum;

·       To enable a faculty member to complete academic studies for a terminal degree;

·       To support a professional scholarship with pedagogical purposes;

·       To publish research results and/or other work;

·       To provide sabbatical leave for pedagogical or research purposes.


Carol Easley Denny Award application

Carol Easley Denny Award application instructions

Final Report

Application deadline: March 15

*Deadlines are set for each academic year. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the following Monday at 11:59pm.

Previous Awardees