Winning funds depends on aligning a concept with the right grant opportunity. St. Kate's supports research and scholarship through its internal grant programs, which provide seed funding for faculty to pilot scholarship, programming, or research projects and support travel to share scholarly work domestically and abroad. Internal grants are ideal for short-term projects (6 months to a year), and proposals that offer opportunities for student engagement in research are prioritized. External grants include short- and long-term project options (average grant period is 2-3 years), and are ideal for projects that are larger in scale and scope. The external grant process is a competitive one, but there are a large number of public and private sources that offer funding, and the dollar amounts allotted can be significant.

Explore SPREE's internal or external funding resources, or meet with a staff member for assistance in finding funding. We can help you identify which funding opportunity aligns best with your project interests and needs.

External Grants Incentive Program

To encourage faculty and staff to pursue external funding to support their research and scholarship, and in recognition of the time and effort it takes to develop a competitive proposal, the HSSH Deans are implementing a grant submission incentive program through the GHR Academic Excellence Grant (AEG).

Faculty and staff who have been funded through GHR internal grants are encouraged to pursue external grants to scale or build upon their initial research and are eligible for a stipend for doing so. However, any faculty/staff interested in applying for external funding to support research and scholarship aligned to the goal of AEG grant will be considered for a stipend as well. The AEG goal is to "improve societal health and well-being by preparing high quality providers capable of practicing in emerging health-related environments focused on interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural fluency, and ecological approaches to health across the lifespan" as depicted in the AEG conceptual framework

Stipends range from $500 for an individual proposal submission to $750 for a collaborative submission. A bonus of $300 will be given to applicants whose proposals are awarded. 

To be eligible for the External Grants Incentive Program, faculty and staff members must meet with SPREE to discuss their proposal development plans. A faculty or staff member is eligible for one stipend under the program every two years.