OTA Online Winter 2025

Full Term

Jan. 6-Apr. 17

First-Half Term

Jan. 6-Feb. 23

Second-Half Term

Feb. 24-Apr. 17

Winter 2025 Full-Term and Half-Term Calendars

NOTE: If you drop or withdraw from a course, please see the University's Refund Schedule to determine tuition implications

Term Dates Jan. 6-Apr. 17 Jan. 6-Feb. 23 Feb. 24-Apr. 17
First day of classes Jan. 6 Jan. 6 Feb. 24
Last day to register or add a class Jan. 7 Jan. 7 Feb. 25
Online registration closed as of today. All adds/drops must be made through the Adult Resource Center. Jan. 8 Jan. 8 Jan. 8
Last day to drop a course without a "W" appearing on your transcript. 
(NOTE: This may have financial implications. See your financial aid counselor. Refer to Refund Schedule for information on tuition refunds.
Jan. 13 Jan. 10 Feb. 28
Registration deadline for maximum financial aid eligibility Jan. 13 Jan. 13 Jan. 13
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day observed Jan. 20 Jan. 20 N/A
First-half-term final grades due N/A Feb. 27 N/A
Summer 2025 registration begins Mar. 5 Mar. 5 Mar. 5
Last day to withdraw from a class Mar. 17 Feb. 3 Mar. 26
Graduation Application for August graduation due Mar. 15 Mar. 15 Mar. 15
Last day of classes Apr. 17 Feb. 23 Apr. 17
Final grades due Apr. 21 Feb. 27 Apr. 21