Safety and Security

The Department of Public Safety is committed to giving our students and visitors a safe and beautiful campus experience.


LiveSafe will be the exclusive method of mass notification to the entire campus community. Links to downloads for Android and iPhone are both available under Campus Services on this page.

Permits for the 2018-2019 school year are now available for purchase. Please stop by CDC 225 with your vehicle information and campus ID.

Reminder for staff and faculty: please fill out the payroll deduction online agreement in Kateway before stopping in if that's your choice of payment.

Effective immediately, Mendel Road — the small roadway between Derham Hall and Frey Theater that borders the northern edge of the quadrangle — is closed to all motor vehicle traffic. This area will remain open for foot traffic, bicycles, and utility carts.

Site inspections revealed that one of the underground service tunnels between Mendel Hall and The O'Shaughnessy is structurally unsound. Damage to the tunnel has, in turn, negatively impacted the condition of the road above it. In order to repair both properly, while ensuring the safety of our campus community, we must close the road.

There is no set timeline for Mendel Road to re-open. We will update the community as additional information becomes available. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Mark Johnson
Vice President of Safety, Security and Facilities

  • Campus Safety

    Public Safety on Campus 24/7

    Public Safety is staffed 24 hours per day year-round. Call 651.690.8888 at any time, day or night.

    • Public safety officers perform routine foot and vehicular patrols of all University property.
    • All officers are certified in basic first aid, CPR and use of defibrillators.


On-Campus Emergencies

Call 651.690.8888

Off-Campus Emergencies

Call 911

contact us

Twitter: @StKatesDPS
Facebook: St. Kate's DPS

St. Paul Campus
Public Safety | CDC 225
2004 Randolph Avenue
Mailbox #4030
St. Paul, MN 55105

Minneapolis Campus
Old Main | Room 228
601 25th Avenue South
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Reports and Notifications

We strive to keep you safe and informed through daily incident logs, archives of past crime alerts and advisories and the annual security report for the University.

Campus Services

We provide the following services for students and campus guests.

LiveSafe is a free smartphone application that provides campus safety information, allows users to text tips in to Public Safety, helps community members stay safe while away from campus, and allows users to receive mass notification alerts from St. Kates when there is an identified hazard on campus. It is imperative that campus community members download LiveSafe onto their iOS or Android devices to use these safety features and to get the alerts.

Community members who do not have a smartphone can still sign up to receive mass notification alerts from St. Kates, but will be unable to access the other safety features. To sign up to receive alerts, email Public Safety at and let us know you would like to receive these alerts. Include your name, email address, and cell phone number. Once signed up, you will receive email and SMS alerts from St. Kates when a mass notification alert is sent out.

For more information about LiveSafe, contact Public Safety by phone at 651-690-8888, by email, or click on the links below.

Public Safety Officers are available to provide campus community members and guests with escorts to locations in a perimeter around the Minneapolis or St. Paul Campus by foot or with the Public Safety vehicle.

To request an escort, please contact our dispatch center at 651.690.8888.

Public Safety provides assistance with vehicle unlocks, jump starts, and tire changing instructions to campus community members. To request a vehicle assistance service, please contact the Public Safety dispatch center at 651.690.8888.

If unlocks or jump starts fail, we will provide you with a phone number of a locksmith or local mechanic.

  • Public Safety can help with or instruct you on how to change a flat tire.
  • Public Safety is not able to perform services off of the St. Paul campus property.
  • A waiver of liability form must be signed by the individual requesting assistance prior to receiving service.

The St. Catherine University shuttle van provides free intercampus transportation for students, faculty and staff at St. Catherine University.

The van runs Monday through Friday during fall and spring semesters. The shuttle does not run during January or summer terms.

All buses are accessible. Passengers with accessibility needs should follow the posted schedule and do not need to make special arrangements. If you have accessibility concerns, please contact public safety in advance to discuss your needs.

There is no cost to use the University shuttle; however, you must have your St. Catherine ID and show it to the driver to board the shuttle. No exceptions!

The shuttle will only operate and stop at the prescribed times and locations. Due to the possibility of inclement weather, traffic and accidents along the route, the shuttle could be late. If you need to check, please call 651-690-8888 and inquire about the location and next stop.

Bus Stops

  • St. Catherine (St. Paul Campus): Butler Center, South entrance
  • St. Catherine (Minneapolis Campus): 25th Avenue South, front courtyard
  • St. Thomas: On Summit Avenue in front of Aquinas Hall

The shuttle will not make unscheduled stops, or drop you at a gate as this ensures our shuttle is on time and our riders are safe.

Crime Prevention

Public Safety offers their assistance to help you learn more about personal safety, identity theft and safeguarding your property. Below are some basic tips to help you reduce the risk of crime against you and your property.

Most importantly, be observant and aware of your surroundings at all times.

  • Stay on populated, well-lit streets. Avoid shrubbery, dark areas near buildings and other places an attacker might hide.
  • Avoid shortcuts or walking alone at night.
  • Don't wear headphones. They block your ability to hear someone approach you.
  • Carry something that can make a loud noise that can scare off possible attackers.
  • If you are attacked, scream, yell, kick and try to get away. Run toward people and get help.
  • Call Public Safety officers (651.690.8888) to walk you to your car.
  • If you experience car trouble, raise the hood and stay in your vehicle. If someone offers assistance, roll the window down just enough to talk to them and ask them to call police for you.
  • If someone tries to break into your car while you are in it, honk the horn in short repeated blasts to alert neighbors or scare them off.
  • Lock your residence hall room, apartment or house even when present.
  • Know your neighbors and learn who can be called upon for assistance when needed.
  • Consider using only first initials and last names on mailboxes, in phone directories, and Internet spaces.
  • Check for photo identification when repair people, salespeople, meter readers, etc., come to the door. Do not hesitate to call and check them out or refuse them admittance if something feels wrong or they refuse to show identification.
  • Be assertive if you let someone in and then have second thoughts. Tell them to leave or you leave. Pretend you are not alone by mentioning a friend or family member asleep in the next room.
  • Do not enter your home/residence if you suspect it has been broken into. Go someplace else and call Public Safety at 651.690.8888 or the local police if at home.

Identity Theft
The terms identity theft and identity fraud are used to refer to all types of crime in which someone wrongfully obtains and uses another person's personal data in a way that involves fraud or deception, typically for economic gain. The Privacy Rights Clearinghouse site links to hundreds of articles ranging from privacy basics to data breaches to debt collection and reporting.

Privacy Rights Clearinghouse

Employee Safety and Security

St. Catherine University Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures below is a training to educate the campus community about fire safety and fire emergency evacuation procedures.

St. Catherine University believes that employees are the most important assets a company has and gives the highest priority to maintaining the safest working environment possible for our employees. Safety is of vital importance for our patrons and our employees. Our goal is the elimination of accidents and injuries from our operations. Learn more about AWAIR by exploring the resources below.

Key authorizations and card access requests should be made through the My Banner Self Service portlet in Kateway.

University departments and chartered organizations may reserve a van for University-sponsored events. After seeking approval from your department head, chairperson, or group advisor, you may call Public Safety 651.690.8888 to reserve a van. It is best to call at least two weeks in advance to secure a reservation. Van reservation requests made more than four months in advance may require an additional processing from the department's administrative staff as availability can not be guaranteed more than four months in advance.

  • Only faculty, staff, or students who have a valid driver's license and have been certified through the University are allowed to drive the vans.
  • Initial steps of certification process are completed through Human Resources. Public Safety administers driving test once all other certification steps are completed.
  • Students may drive the van to destinations in the metro area.
  • Students may only drive the van outside the metro area with an accompanied faculty or staff member.
  • The vans may only be driven within 250 miles of the campus. Longer trips will require that you rent a van at your own expense.
  • Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, securing a van reservation does not guarantee the use of a University van.

Student and Faculty/Staff Parking

Students and faculty/staff parking on campus should purchase a permit type that fits their needs.

on campus

Campus resources for the university and neighborhood community.

Visitor Information