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Emergency Procedures

St. Catherine University Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures below is a training to educate the campus community about fire safety and fire emergency evacuation procedures.

University fire safety and evacuation procedures

University Vans

University departments and chartered organizations may reserve a van for University-sponsored events. After seeking approval from your department head, chairperson, or group advisor, you may call Public Safety at 651.690.8888 or email us at dps@stkate.edu to reserve a van. It is best to call at least two weeks in advance to secure a reservation. Van reservation requests made more than four months in advance may require additional processing from the department's administrative staff as availability can not be guaranteed more than four months in advance.

  • Only faculty, staff, or students who have a valid driver's license and have been certified through the University are allowed to drive the vans.
  • Initial steps of the certification process are completed through Human Resources. Public Safety administers driving test once all other certification steps are completed.
  • Students may drive the van to destinations in the metro area.
  • Students may only drive the van outside the metro area with an accompanied faculty or staff member.
  • The vans may only be driven within 250 miles of the campus. Longer trips require administrative approval.
  • Due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances, securing a van reservation does not guarantee the use of a University van.