Student and Faculty Parking

Parking Permits for Academic Year 2021-2022

For Fall Semester 2021, Public Safety will not be selling nor charging the campus community for new permits. Instead, those community members with existing window cling permits from previous years will keep the permits on their vehicles. For those that do not have or who need a window cling permit, one will be provided at no cost. As Public Safety continues revisions of its parking procedures, permits may be sold for J-Term/Spring Semester 2022. 

There are two options for community members planning to commute to campus this year:

  • If you have a window cling permit from last academic year or previous years, please continue to use this permit. It will remain valid as long as your vehicle and license plate information is registered with Public Safety.
  • If you are new to the community or have not previously had a parking permit and require one for this academic year, you can receive a free permit.
    1. First, register your vehicle information online. There’s a ServiceNow Knowledge Base article that walks through the registration form.
    2. After registering, visit the Public Safety office (CDC 103) to pick up your window cling permit.

Parking on Campus

Students, faculty, and staff parking on campus should purchase a permit type that fits their needs.

To purchase your annual permit, please visit the Department of Public Safety with your license plate number, make/model and color of vehicle, phone number, and a valid St. Kate's ID.

Purchase a daily permit online

Permit Types

Daily parking permit $3 Anyone may purchase a daily parking permit at the Public Safety office.
Student Resident permit $225 St. Kate's student permits will be charged to the student's account.
Faculty/Staff permit $125 Faculty/Staff must pay with check or credit cards, online before or at the time of purchase.
PSEO Students permit $125 Must pay with check only at the time of purchase.
Motorcycle Permits   Free with vehicle permit purchase, parking only in designated motorcycle parking areas.


  • Even though a permit needs to be physically obtained from the Public Safety office, a permit can still be paid for in advance through the DPS Marketplace using a credit card.
  • Faculty/Staff must pay with checks or credit cards only at the time of purchase.
  • PSEO, ACTC, UST Social Work can only pay with a check.
  • ACTC students must present college identification at the time of purchase.
  • St. Kate's student permits will be charged to the student's account.