Counseling Center

Our caring staff of professional psychologists provides confidential services including short-term counseling, consultation and referral to community resources—available to all students free of charge.

At times, everyone feels stressed-out, depressed, angry, anxious or confused. Sometimes these problems gradually go away on their own or they get better with the support of our friends and family. However, there are times when these problems do not go away or they become too overwhelming. These are the times when one should seek out professional help.

Make an Appointment

Summer counseling appointments are available on Tuesdays from June 19 - August 15 to those registered for Summer Session 2018. Please submit a request here:

appointment request form

Our regular counseling schedule resumes with the first day of classes for Fall 2018: Wednesday, September 5, 2018.

Counseling services are in high demand. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please call to cancel as soon as possible, preferably at least 24 hours in advance. This allows us to use the appointment time for another student who is waiting to see a counselor.

Need urgent counseling help? During Fall and Spring semesters, one hour each day is set-aside for crisis counseling for students who have immediate counseling needs.

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday 11 a.m.–noon (Fall/Spring semester)
  • Tuesday/Thursday 2–3 p.m. (Fall/Spring semester)

In order to ensure that you have adequate time to meet with a counselor, please plan to arrive within 30 minutes of the beginning scheduled crisis counseling hour.

If you arrive later than half past the hour, please be aware that the counselor may not be able to meet with you. The counselor will, however, make every effort to get you scheduled for another time slot.

Off-campus crisis resources

If you are in need of crisis support outside of our open hours:

  • The Walk-in Counseling Center, located in Minneapolis and also offering services at both Family Tree Clinic and Neighborhood House in St. Paul, offers free, anonymous counseling for more immediate and/or urgent needs. No appointment needed, hours and locations listed on their website. Reachable via phone at 612-870-0565.
  • Urgent Care for Adult Mental Health, located in St. Paul, offers an alternative to visiting the emergency room during a mental health crisis and offers 24/7 crisis phone support 365 days/year: 651-266-7900

If you are currently in crisis and need to talk to someone right now please contact one of these resources or go to your nearest emergency room.

Crisis Phone Lines:

Mobile Crisis Units:

Spring 2018 Cultivating Emotional Wellness Discussion Series

Students are invited to enjoy a free light lunch while watching a 20-minute TED Talk and afterward share comments, reactions, and questions with your peers.

The discussion will be facilitated by a Counseling Center staff psychologist. Our goal for you is to leave feeling more equipped to cultivate emotional balance. Our goal for our community is to de-stigmatize the discussion of mental and emotional health. Bring a friend!

Register for Wednesday, March 21 - Performing Better Under Pressure

Registration is encouraged to ensure we have enough lunch for all.

View Fall 2017 Discussion Series TED Talks

Links to TED Talks from our fall lunch discussion series can be found on D2L in a group titled "Counseling Center Resources." To access, click the "Self Enrollment Courses" link found in the lower right hand side of D2L's homepage, beneath "Useful Links". To protect privacy of those who join our group, roles are set to "private"—only Counseling Center staff have ability to see those enrolled and students do not see each other in a class list as with academic course groups.

Our D2L group is a work in progress, and we hope to have more materials posted in future. If you join, please feel free to email us with suggestions of things you'd like to see there:


Services Available to You

Individual Counseling

Do you need help getting through a difficult time? Confidential one-on-one counseling sessions are available at no cost to currently enrolled students throughout the year.

In general, individual counseling is a process of self-discovery and growth where a trained professional helps someone deal with problems related to personal, emotional, social, and mental health concerns. In the counseling session, clients collaborate with their counselor to define problems they wish to address and to work toward solutions to these problems.

Any student who is currently enrolled at St. Catherine University can make an appointment for an individual counseling session. Students who are not currently enrolled (alums and/or students taking a leave of absence) are welcomed to call us for information regarding community referrals.

We specialize in short-term counseling. While most students use about five sessions during the academic year, students may use as many as 10–12.

If longer-term counseling is needed, therapists will work with the student to identify other appropriate resources in the community.

The first appointment with your counselor will be an exploration/assessment session. Your counselor will ask you about the current issues that are bothering you as well as any relevant background information. Your counselor will give you feedback and suggestions about what might be helpful for you as you face your issues including recommendations for any continued counseling.

Counseling Center Staff maintain professional standards as defined by state law. You will receive our written Privacy and Confidentiality policy at your first appointment; your counselor will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you might have.

Assessment & Referral

We provide referrals for students who are interested in learning more about mental health resources in the surrounding community. This might include private practitioners, intensive outpatient programs, or specialty treatment centers.

Please note:

  • Our center does not provide assessment or documentation for Attention Deficit Disorder or Emotional Support Animals. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss referral ideas for off-campus resources.
  • Due to licensing restrictions for psychologists in the state of Minnesota, our center is unable unable at this time to provide ongoing individual counseling to students who live out of state. Feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss referral ideas or use the information below to identify a therapist in your state.

Looking for an off-campus therapist? You can find a local therapist (whether you're in St. Paul or out of state) through Psychology Today's database. Simply put in your zip code to find therapists within a certain radius of where you live.

We are not able to make recommendations using this system, since we do not have personal knowledge of their skills. For this reason, we encourage you to also look through APA's tips for choosing a therapist to help you determine whether any given therapist might be a good fit for you.

Psychiatric Services

The University provides psychiatric services free of charge to currently enrolled students who have obtained a referral from either the Counseling Center or Health & Wellness Center. Appointments are available during the school year from September to December and from February to May and take place on the St. Paul campus.

Appointments are by referral only. You must have an initial meeting with a Counseling Center or Health and Wellness Center staff member. This staff member will facilitate scheduling an intake appointment for you. Appointments cannot be made by calling our receptionist directly.

Our psychiatrist is on contract with us during the fall and spring semester. Within this timeframe, she is available to see students one day per week. Students who need more intense psychiatric care would be well advised to seek psychiatric services elsewhere.

Keep in mind that if you want to use this service you may need to make special accommodations in your schedule to be available during her limited hours. The staff member with whom you are working will make an effort to schedule your intake appointment in a timely fashion. Please be aware, however, that there may be a waiting list.

Call us at 651.690.6805. We cannot guarantee contact, but we will make an effort to get a message to the psychiatrist.

We do not have a contract with the psychiatrist during the summer months, so if you unexpectedly need psychiatric follow-up we suggest you call your physician or ask for a referral.

Students who have urgent questions or concerns about medication over the summer will be referred to Acute Psychiatric Services at 612.873.3161 (a 24-hour service for urgent psychiatric needs) or the Ramsey County Mental Health Information and Referral Line at 651.266.7900.

If you feel that it will be difficult for you to get through the summer without easier access to psychiatric care, you may wish to get connected with a psychiatrist in the community for the summer

Because some health insurance policies require that you take your prescription to participating pharmacies, you might want to call your health insurance company to ask about your specific prescription benefits policy.

Our psychiatrist meets with students in the St. Paul campus Counseling Center. When you arrive for your appointment, please check in first with our administrative assistant. You may be asked to fill out a brief intake form.

Your initial appointment with the psychiatrist will take about 60 minutes. If follow-up appointments are recommended, you may schedule these directly with our administrative assistant. Follow-up appointments generally last 20 minutes.

While our psychiatrist wants to hear about what is happening in your life, this person does not actually provide psychological counseling for students. If you are prescribed medication through this service, we strongly recommend that in addition, you pursue psychological counseling either on or off campus.

If you would like to make a counseling appointment with a counselor or ask about an off-campus counseling referral, please call us.

You may cancel an appointment by calling our office at 651-690-6805. However, please make sure you cancel 24 hours in advance so someone else can use your appointment time. St. Catherine University generously funds this service for students and can only continue to provide it if it is used efficiently. Not canceling an appointment 24 hours in advance may jeopardize your ability to continue to use this service.

This service does not include emergency psychiatric care. If you are in need of emergency care, contact Acute Psychiatric Services (612.873.3161) or go directly to your nearest emergency room.

If you feel you need to speak to a mental health professional immediately regarding emotional distress, call the Ramsey County Mental Health Crisis Line at 651.266.7900.

Of course, if you are in a life-threatening emergency situation call campus security (ext. 8888) if you are on campus or 911 if you are off campus.

In general, we do not release any information about your appointments to anyone outside the Counseling Center without your written permission.

However, because the medications prescribed by the psychiatrist have implications for general medical care, we ask that you give us permission to release notes from your consultation with the psychiatrist (including any medications prescribed, dosage, and follow-up) to Health and Wellness.

Please feel free to ask a counselor if you have any questions regarding this policy.

Online Screening

We offer access to the SMH Online Screening Program, a free and confidential online screening for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.


Our staff psychologists offer consultation to faculty, staff and students who are looking for advice or information about how to help another individual coping with mental or emotional health issues.

Specific ways we can help include providing information about specific mental health issues, identifying possible resources in the community, or suggestions regarding how to talk to the individual about seeking help from a mental health professional. Please call our main office to inquire about a phone or in-person consultation.

St. Paul campus

Derham Hall | Room 330

Regular Hours:
8a.m.–noon &
1–4:30 p.m.

Summer Hours:
June 15–August 15:
9 a.m.–4 p.m.

Minneapolis campus

Education Building | Room 359

Regular Hours:
10 a.m.– 5 p.m.

Summer Hours:
Summer hours vary. Please call for exact times.