Welcome Back (Online)

Dear St. Catherine Community, 

We are excited to welcome you all back in this new virtual world. We are pleased and deeply thankful for all of the hard work of our faculty and staff to prepare to have our classes be online today, and to all of our students for your patience, your grace, and your support throughout this. This is all only possible because of the strength and dedication of every member of our community. 

Embrace Patience
We know this week is going to be a challenge for us all. There will be many things that go well, and many things that won’t work. We ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenges together. Please be empathetic and offer support where you can. We are in this together. We also continue to update our COVID-19 information page with our communications, FAQs, and campus hours and student services for your ease and convenience. 

Thank You…And
Whatever your role in our new normal, if something is not what you expect or need, please let the person know so they can understand your concern and help you. Whether you are a student, faculty, or staff, the stress and uncertainty on many levels and for many reasons is extraordinary right now. Each communication we make can help to lower that stress. It will make a world of difference if you start the conversation by saying…Thank you for what you did to ……………..; it seems to not be working for me. My problem/concern/feedback is…………….Can you help me?

Update on National Stimulus Package
Last week, a national stimulation package was passed by Congress, which included funds for several programs and industries, including higher education. It will take several weeks to review and understand the implications of this stimulus package for St. Kate’s and our students. We are committed to sharing more information once we know more and have clarity on the details of these regulatory guidelines. 

Lastly, let’s stay connected with one another. Ask questions. Reach out. Check in with your classmates and colleagues. We are a strong community, established by the Sisters of St. Joseph, with a legacy of responding to the needs of the time and overcoming hardships. We offer the poem below as inspiration as we move into this next phase, ready to respond to what may come. 

Becky Roloff

Anita Thomas
Executive Vice President and Provost

Ready to Respond
By Joannie Cassidy, SSJ 
Modified for our audience

Embraced by the circle of Divine Love
We are enfolded by the Women of Le Puy
People of rock and fire
Infusing Passion, Purpose, and
Their Porous hearts into our own

Grounded in Grace, the embers flame once again
Their yes breathes life into our yes…

From the center...the circle widens and we move to the margins
trusting the testimony of his Holy Ground
The Clarion Call awaits
May I...May we...be ready to respond. 

Published in That All May Be One, 2019, by Association of Colleges of Sisters of St. Joseph