Stepping Boldly into the Future

St. Catherine University launches LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence.
Three St. Catherine University graduates in academic garb

One of the points of pride you often hear student ambassadors highlight on tours of campus is the bold and defiant nature of the Sisters of the St. Joseph in their commitment to ensure St. Catherine University became a premier institution of higher education for women that thrived for centuries.

More than a century into this legacy, we could not be more proud of living into this vision the Sisters set for us. And now is the time to take this vision and our mission — to educate women to lead and influence — to the next level. As our society continues to strive for equality for women, St. Catherine University is leading the way in preparing women to take on this challenge, and many others, to transform our world into a more just place.

The Next Level of Excellence

To live our mission every day, it is necessary for us to take action and ensure that the upcoming generations of Katies have the same opportunities and access to a high-quality education as those who have come before. LEAD & INFLUENCE: The Campaign for the Next Level of Excellence is a $130 million effort designed around four key priorities that support students, advance the work of faculty, and preserve the campus — fueling our mission as we embark on our campaign.

Support and Connect Exceptional Students

St. Kate’s cultivates leaders who own their education and know their potential to create change because they are equipped with the insight and power to influence. They seek solutions that create a more socially just world while recognizing the underlying causes, working to mitigate their impact, and bringing about more comprehensive change.

To foster the development of more Katie leaders, the campaign will:

  • Increase need-based financial aid to allow the University to attract, support, and graduate the best students, regardless of their financial means.
  • Create an Office of Scholarly Engagement that promotes student success through the extension of high-impact programs and practices, such as interdisciplinary honors seminars, collaborative undergraduate research, service learning, and global studies.
  • Deepen and expand career development programming and services to meet the needs of all Katies at any career stage.

Strengthen Faculty and Academic Success

St. Kate’s faculty are instrumental in creating and delivering an educational experience that continues the University’s legacy of excellence. It is vital that they have the support and resources necessary to prepare the next generation of leaders — factors that also impact the University’s ability to recruit new faculty members.

To help cultivate a learning environment that attracts and retains a committed team of faculty, the campaign will:

  • Provide resources for professional development that further promote innovation and excellence while allowing for interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Create opportunities for faculty-led, innovative curricular and co-curricular experiences for students that teach complex problem-solving and career skills.
  • Establish a Center for Innovation and Inclusive Excellence focused on launching new programs that foster cutting-edge learning techniques and increasing diversity and inclusion throughout the University.

Preserve and Renew the Campus

From the leafy quad to the historic chapel, St. Kate’s has one of the most beautiful campuses in the nation, and its preservation will ensure it stays lively, strong, and relevant for generations to come.

To honor St. Kate’s history while creating a campus of the future, the campaign will:

  • Create science and technology spaces that provide opportunities for students to engage in relevant, cutting-edge educational experiences in Mendel.
  • Restore and update Our Lady of Victory Chapel.

Advance the Katie Fund

Gifts to the Katie Fund make a critical difference in the University’s ability to fulfill its mission. Flowing directly to the areas of greatest need and most immediate opportunities, including emergency needs such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Katie Fund’s flexibility boosts excellence across the University while meeting students’ urgent needs.

Join the Campaign

Today’s Katies are learning to discern wisely, live and lead justly, and shape a better world. With your support, they will join a legacy of influential and visionary women.

Whether you’re interested in making a gift, a pledge and/or an estate commitment, you can help ensure that generations of Katies will continue to have access to a St. Catherine education that allows them to transform the world and power lives of meaning.

To learn more or make a gift, visit To connect with a member of our team, email or call 651-690-6093.

Campaign Cabinet


  • Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Paul Province
  • Archbishop Hebda
  • Kay ’56 and Rick Bendel
  • Ruth Haag Brombach ’60
  • GHR Foundation
  • Marialice P. Harwood
  • Harriet Hentges ’62
  • Chris Hilger
  • James J. Hill Center
  • Joan Kelly ’46 †
  • Reatha Clark King
  • Marjorie Mathison Hance ’70
  • Betty McCollum ’87
  • Larry McGough
  • Anne Ward Miller ’63
  • Mary Alice Muellerleile ’60
  • Anita M. Pampusch ’60
  • Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
  • Lois ’63 and John Rogers
  • Bao Vang ’91
  • Pam Wheelock ’81
  • Sunny Wicka ’55


  • Margaret Arola Ford ’82, co-chair
  • Joanne Jirik Mullen ’83, co-chair
  • Teresa Rolling Radzinski ’86, co-chair
  • Mary Hurrle Bennett ’78
  • Catherine Clifford Brennan ’70
  • Mary Broderick Colleen Curran ’75
  • Comfort Dudzai Dondo ’15
  • Sara Hietpas Gavin ’77
  • Marilyn Grochala Gorham ’76
  • Bridget Manahan ’78
  • Jean Delaney Nelson ’80
  • Judi Druke Teske ’66

Lead Gifts

St. Catherine University is honored by and deeply appreciative of the generosity of these donors:

  • Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
  • GHR Foundation
  • James J. Hill Center
  • Joan Kelly ’46 †
  • Teresa Rolling Radzinski ’86 and Michael Radzinski
  • Lois Gross Rogers ’63 and John E. Rogers
  • ReBecca Koenig Roloff ’76 and Mark H. Roloff MAT’88
  • Judi Druke Teske ’66
  • Brenda Grandstrand Woodson ’80

Thank You

We are deeply appreciative of those who have joined the campaign already and made a gift.

Campaign Progress

With your help, we can realize our vision to lead and influence. We are well on our way to our goal of $130 million, with $94,500,000 raised to date.

By Sara Keis, from St. Catherine University Magazine fall 2020 issue