Katies present collaborative research at conferences across the country

This spring, St. Kate’s students benefit from opportunities to “learn, share, and connect with others in [their] fields.”

Continuing fall 2022’s impressive track record, St. Catherine University students have been busy this spring presenting their research. Students from the Summer Scholars program, the Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP), the Department of Economics and Political Science, and the Katies for Aging Research and Equity (KARE) program have showcased their work across the country recently.

On February 15, economics majors Isabel Honzay 24 and Abigail Nachreiner 24 presented their Summer Scholars research project on distance learning, class cancellation, and the mental health of parents with young children at the Minnesota State Capitol 2023 Showcase. Hannah Bladow 23 also presented their work, "Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals of Various Resident Locations and Racial and Ethnic Identities Healthcare Experiences.”

In April, economics major Calyn Schardt 24 presented her research on water quality, voting rates, and race at the Midwest Economics Association in Cleveland, where she got to meet Lisa Cook, PhD, who is on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Elsa Joly 23, an economics major, and Mary-Genevieve Moisan ’22, MPH 23, presented their research on financial transfer, emotional support, and the well-being of older American and Korean parents at the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Population Association of America (PAA) on April 15.

"Presenting at the PAA conference was an amazing opportunity to share our research with other demographic professionals,” said Moison. “We were able to get great feedback from researchers in the field, and meet others who also work with the datasets that we use. It was an extremely beneficial experience for us to learn, share, and connect with others in the field. We are grateful for the support of the GHR Foundation that allowed us to travel!”

Finally, faculty members Katie Campbell, PhD, and Rahul Roy, PhD, along with Ann Koller, manager of student employment and leadership at the Center for Community Work and Learning, accompanied 21 students who presented at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Eau Claire, Wisconsin on April 13–15. See below for the full list of the topics presented at NCUR.

“Something that I really loved about this presentation experience, the oral presentation in particular, was that I had the opportunity to practice an oral presentation and hone those public speaking skills,” said Bladow, who presented at NCUR in addition to the Minnesota State Capitol. “I have done poster presentations before on the same research but this was another skill set I got to develop.”

Further student research will be on display on campus at the Showcase of Academic Excellence from May 1–5. This weeklong celebration of scholarship will provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to present, share their research, and learn from each other. Students who are interested in pursuing research in the future will be able to see student research, get ideas, and begin making connections.


St. Kate’s NCUR Presentations

Oral Presentations 

  • Carrie Zirbes 23 | Transparency in the Apparel Global Supply Chain 
  • Katharine Bendel 24 | Access to Unique Products From a Mechanochemical Synthesis
  • Maya Isabel Villafuerte 24 and Sophia Gibson 25 | Welcoming The Dear Neighbor: The Catholic Interracial Council Twin Cities
  • Kerrie Roozen 23 | Culturally Appropriate Fruits and Vegetables for Cardiovascular Disease in Hispanic/Latinx Populations
  • Hannah Bladow 23 | Transgender and Gender Diverse Individuals of Various Resident Locations and Racial and Ethnic Identities Healthcare Experiences


Poster Presentations 

  • Kat Zamarripa 23 | Addressing the Longevity of Positive Health Status in Immigrant, Hispanic/Latin Communities Using the PROMIS Scale- Global Health Instrument
  • Madelyn Sliva 23 | Investigating microbiomes of colored nectars: Characterization of isolate growth and inter-species interactions 
  • Hailey Sexton 23 and Mikaela Campbell 23 | Welcoming the Dear Neighbor?
  • Shavonnye Rath 24 | The Impact of Far-Infrared Technology on Quality of Life in Older Adults
  • Hannah Hausman ‘24 | Aging Lung Tissue Regeneration: A Novel Way of Reopening the Plasticity Window of Postnatal Alveolar Type II Cells 
  • Isabella Norcross 25 | Barriers and Facilitators to Mental and Behavioral Health in a Primary Care Setting
  • Cassandra Norbeck 24 | Investigating male infertility: Investigating genes important for spermatogenesis in a cell culture system
  • Stephanie Nguyen 23 | Editing Rasd1 and Cdk1na in a Cell Culture System
  • Emma McAfee 25 and Whitney Wenner 23 | The Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence in Female Collegiate Athletes
  • Anna Wolff 23 and Maryah Hijazi 23 | The Evolution of Prominent Female Figures in Fashion of the 1900s
  • Abigail Nachreiner 24 and Isabel Honzay 24 | Pedagogical shift and parental mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic: Evidence from the United States 


Faculty and Staff Presentations

  • Ann Koller and Katie Campbell, PhD | Building Belonging and Creating Community: Intentional Alignment of Research Programming at a Women-Centered, Minority-Serving Institution
  • Rahul Roy, PhD, and Katie Campbell, PhD | Introducing the Community of Neighboring and National Entrepreneurial Centers and Trainees (CONNECT) Network


Collaborative Research is part of the Office of Scholarly Engagement, St. Kate’s hub for engaged learning, which also includes the Antonian Honors Program, Community Work and Learning, Competitive Fellowships, and Global Studies.