In a Room of Their Own — Spring 2018 Magazine feature

from St. Catherine University Magazine, Spring 2018

Magazine story written by Mary Pattock '66. Photo by Rebecca Slater '10 / By Rebecca Studios.

"At St. Kate's, we tend to care more about how these economic principles can help people all over the world ... [I]t's all about studying the choices people make and why they make those choices and, hopefully, how we can make those choices in the most rational way so they will be beneficial to everybody."

— Elizabeth Kula '19, economics and mathematics major

The spring edition of the 2018 St. Catherine University Magazine shone the spotlight on the collaboration between the economics department and its students. Highlighting the faculty's student support, the feature delved into the new Economics Research Lab in Whitby — staffed by assistant economics professor Caroline Krafft and department alumna Caitlyn Keo '16 — where econ students utilize computers with specialized data software and confer with peers from different disciplines.

The story also detailed the impressive work accomplished by the department's students, including a World Bank report on education and another project funded by the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences.

"This puts them in a really advantageous spot in terms of applying to grad schools," says department assistant professor Kristine West of the research their students conduct. "The schools say, 'Wow, you're already doing the level of research that we expect from our grad students.'"


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