Economics faculty and student's policy research published

Caroline Krafft (left) and Halimat Alawode (right)

Economics faculty Caroline Krafft (left) and alumna Halimat Alawode '17 (right).

"This policy perspective demonstrates that attainment of higher education is notably unequal in Egypt and Tunisia, but less so in Jordan. In all three countries family socioeconomic characteristics are the primary driver of inequality, even after accounting for test scores. Particularly in Egypt and Tunisia, where higher education is free of charge, public spending on higher education is regressive. Thus, a theoretically meritocratic and equitable system perpetuates inequality."

— Abstract by Caroline Krafft and Halimat Alawode '17, "Subsidizing Inequality: Policy and Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa"

In 2016, assistant professor of economics Caroline Krafft and women and international development major Halimat Alawode '17 were published in the Economic Research Forum (ERF), a network dedicated to promoting research on sustainable development in the Arab countries, Iran, and Turkey.

"Subsidizing Inequality: Policy and Higher Education in the Middle East and North Africa," was published in ERF's journal Policy Perspectives. Krafft and Alawode's paper analyzed the influence of policy on attainment of higher education in Egypt, Tunisia, and Jordan.

In 2017, Alawode was one of 34 local college students selected for Minnesota Capitol Pathways, a program that exposes students of color to legislative decision-making through internships at government offices, nonprofits, or corporate, law, and lobbying firms. During her time at St. Kate's, she also completed internships with Congressman Keith Ellison’s office and Advocates for Human Rights.


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