In response to events in Atlanta and anti-Asian violence, a call for change.

Photo of international flags in the quad
To the members of the St. Catherine community who identify as Asian, Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI), we want you to know that we see you and we stand with you.

This week’s tragic shooting deaths of eight people in Atlanta, GA, is yet another example of the dramatic rise in crimes and acts of violence targeting Asians. Six of the eight victims are Asian American women. Many racist hate crimes go unreported both nationally and here in Minnesota. 

St. Catherine University commits to supporting all AAPI members of the St. Kate’s community in the wake of this latest wave of hate and xenophobia brought on by derogatory language used to refer to the COVID-19 virus. St. Catherine University categorically condemns all acts of racist violence against any of our dear neighbors. We equally categorically condemn the systemic racism and patriarchy that reenacted the violence by so quickly and heartlessly negating the victims’ identities and humanity.

Violence such as the murders in Atlanta this week fervently underscore the need to provide strong support for AAPI and women in our community, and to collectively advance our mission with integrity and values. 

As news of the Atlanta area murders emerged, a spokesperson for law enforcement said the suspect “had a bad day,” and was suffering from a self-reported sexual obsession. Their focus and quick defense only perpetuated the objectification and exoticism of Asian American women, and marginalized the horror of this intentional act.

Violence aimed at persons of Asian descent is unacceptable and must end. In order to end the violence, everyone must do their part. In many cases, we are unwitting supporters of the systems that contain tragic shortcomings when it comes to treating each of us as equals. We must change this, starting with ourselves. Recognize, call out and stand against instances of terrorism, racist violence, hate crimes, and acts of white supremacy wherever you see them.  

We at St. Kate’s acknowledge and validate the experiences of our Asian students, faculty and staff and we commit to providing an environment free of hate, violence, bias and discrimination towards members of Asian communities of multiple backgrounds.

We thank the student organizations, Voices of Asian American Students (VAAS), ShePab: Voices of Hmong Women, and Asian Women Association (AWA) who work diligently to ensure that the voices of Asian students on our campus are heard. We wholeheartedly stand in solidarity with our Asian students and wish to create safe learning spaces for all students. 


  • The St. Kate's Counseling Center offers Let’s Talk Sessions for students. Let's Talk is meant to provide easy access to informal, confidential consultation. Students are able to meet with a counselor from the St. Kate's Counseling Center for 15-minute conversations.  Let’s Talk sessions are offered Monday through Friday from 1pm - 2 pm and are available on a first-come, first served basis, no appointment required. These occur through Zoom. In addition to the regular counseling offerings, please know that the Counseling Center has opened virtual drop-in hours for BIPOC students with a BIPOC-identified therapist from 1pm - 3 pm on next Friday, 26. Please see "BIPOC Drop-In Hour" section for updated information on how to join. 

  • Multicultural and International Programs and Services (MIPS) and Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women and other student clubs such as the Latinx Student Association, Muslim Student Association, Pan-Afrikan Student Alliance, and ASL Club, are spaces where students (and others) can find and be in community. For questions about student organizations please email

  • The St. Kate’s BIPOC Faculty and Staff Group meets bi- monthly. This group can be reached at

  • Council on Asian Pacific Minnesotans provides updates and announcements affecting our Asian Pacific populations in Minnesota

  • Coalition of Asian-American Leaders (CAAL) website offers news and resources affecting our Asian Minnesotan communities at

Upcoming Event:

Unheard Stories: Asian Americans Experiencing Hate

Wednesday, March 24, 2021 5:00 PM -  6:30 PM CT

Join in a public community event to hear from leaders and community members about what has been occurring in Minnesota and nationwide, hear from victims of hate, and work together with us to take action against violence and hate. Speakers include: U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, MDHR Commissioner Rebecca Lucero, CAAL Network & Executive Director Bo Thao-Urabe, and others. For more information click here. Sponsored by the Asian Minnesotan Alliance for Justice.