A reminder for job-seekers: even in uncertainty, there is opportunity.

May Thao-Schuck, VP of Career and Professional Development

May Thao-Schuck, VP of Career and Professional Development, shared a few job-searching insights with Minnesota Public Radio.

Among the unknowns revealed with the discovery of the COVID-19 virus is the ripple effect on the economy. From the health of businesses to security of existing jobs, the levels of uncertainty have risen measurably — especially among graduating college students.

A recent Minnesota Public Radio story shares job-seeking experiences among Twin Cities area college students, including St. Kate’s nursing senior Caillyn Costello.

It also offers insights on what employers are looking for, as explained by St. Kate’s vice president of career and professional development, May Thao-Schuck.

Advice for Job Seekers

For seniors, or any Katie embarking on a job search at this time, Thao-Schuck has some more advice to offer:

  • Have an updated résumé ready to go at any time, including an updated LinkedIn profile.  

  • Avoid the “one-size fits all” résumé and cover letter approach. Pay attention to the minimal requirements of each position description and tailor resume and cover letter accordingly since generic resumes don’t do well within most applicant tracking systems.  

  • Pay attention to your social media presence, and keep your social media profiles professional — what you say or post matters to employers.

  • Be skilled and confident with video interviews. Understand video etiquette, since most employers are not doing onsite interviews right now.

  • Use and leverage your networks. It can be hard to ask for help, but leveraging your network is the best way to find a job at this point. Keep in mind that a high percentage of jobs are not posted. 

  • Self care is critical during this time. When you panic, feel overly stressed or become too desperate, it can jeopardize your presence during interviews or cause you to settle for jobs which may not be a good fit for you. I highly recommend you slow down, breathe, and carefully make a plan. Think about the industries you’re interested in and target specific organizations by looking at their websites. Also, search jobs by using keywords and complete your profiles in each of the various job boards completely.   

  • Use your career development office for assistance.

  • Sign up on different listserv to receive consistent job announcements. 

  • If you are not able to find a job immediately, volunteering is also an excellent way to build your professional experience and to build your network. Remember, it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. 

“While many organizations have slowed down their hiring for now, there are still organizations that are hiring,” said Schuck. “The key is staying positive, and being resourceful and proactive in your search.”