Alumna's oral history work with immigrant voices featured on MPR

Photo courtesy of Andrea Duarte

Photo courtesy of Andrea Duarte-Alonso ’19 and MPR.

My whole point of Stories from Unheard Voices is allow folks to feel human, to feel like they're more than just undocumented, they're more than just an immigrant. They're an actual human being with feelings, with emotions, who are more than just these other identities that they have.

— Andrea Duarte-Alonso ’19, as interviewed by Riham Feshir from MPR


St. Kate's alumna Andrea Duarte-Alonso ’19 and her Phillips Scholarship-sponsored project, Stories from Unheard Voices, were profiled this week by Minnesota Public Radio. Duarte-Alonso's work, an online collection of interviews, tells the stories of immigrants and their children in her hometown of Worthington, Minnesota. Thus far she has collected about a dozen stories and published nine.

“I see it as oral history,” Duarte-Alonso told MPR. “This is like the new people. This is the people of this community and it’s really important that someone documents this, documents their experiences and what it was like to grow up in Worthington during this time.”

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In addition to the 2017 Phillips Scholarship she received for her Stories from Unheard Voices proposal, Duarte-Alonso received a 2018 Truman Scholarship. She is also a 2019 Thomas More Award recipient and a member of Phi Beta Kappa.


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