Housing Sign-Up

All current students are invited to participate in the 2022-23 housing sign-up and room selection process. Complete the Housing and Dining Agreement by March 26 and select your own space and roommates online as part of the room selection process.

The 2022-23 Housing Agreement and Application is available on My Housing.

Step 1: Complete Your Housing and Dining Application by March 26

Log in to My Housing and select the button labeled "Housing Application for 2022-23." This will take you directly into the online housing application and agreement form.

Important Dates:

  • March 26: Priority deadline to submit the Housing Application.
  • March 29-April 6: Online Room Selection.
    • Specific dates, times, and instructions will be available March 7.
    • Medical Accommodation Room Selection, April 1.
      • Students with room-specific accommodations will receive an email from Sabrina Anderson on or before March 28 to set up a room selection appointment.

Step 2: Mark Your Calendar

Online Room Selection Dates:

March 30    Same Type of Space room selection for Rauenhorst & Morrison

March 31    Same Type of Space Roommate Pull-In for Rauenhorst & Morrison

April 4        Rauenhorst & Morrison General Room Selection—Must Fill

April 5        Traditional Halls General Room Selection—Must Fill

April 6        Traditional Halls and Rauenhorst & Morrison—Any Space

Other Processes:

March 29    Living Learning Community Placement

April 1        Medical Accommodations Placement Appointments

Step 3: Prepare for Your Journey

Changes for 2022-23
Room occupancy will return to pre-COVID configurations.

  • Please refer to our previous email about Alberta & Georgia. These spaces will not be available as part of this process.
  • Double rooms in Caecilian, Crandall, St. Mary, and Stanton will house two people. Caecilian Hall is open for 2022-23!
  • Buy-out options are available in traditional rooms. When you buy-out a space, you pay a higher housing fee to reserve the room as a double-as-single. No one else will be assigned to the room.

When completing your application, you will be asked to set-up a PIN. This code will be needed during the online room selection process. If you forget your PIN, simply go back to My Housing and use the Re-Set PIN tool.

Roommate Pull In
You are responsible for selecting your space during online room selection. During this process, only one person from your roommate group needs to go into the My Housing portal and select your preferred room, suite, or apartment. That person will pull in all roommates at that time. Be sure to have your roommates’ PINs and Meal Plan preferences when you log-in.

Designated Log-In Times for April 4 and 5
You will be given a specific log-in time to participate in the General Room Selection processes. This time is based on your total completed and currently enrolled credits. This will allow 2022-23 graduate students and seniors to choose their rooms first, followed by junior, etc. If you are signing up with roommates, the person with the earliest log-in time should log-in on reserve the space, pulling-in all roommates.

Accessibility Accommodations
If you currently have a medical accommodation, you do not need to complete a new form. If you have a room, bathroom, or kitchen accommodation, the Housing Office will send you an email with information about selecting your space.

Single rooms and rooms with full bathrooms are VERY limited.
Students with accommodations that require single or bathrooms may want to consider living in a suite or apartment.

Please note that if you have an Emotional Support Animal but no other accommodation, you will go through the standard room selection process described in this brochure. Early room assignments are available to student with accommodations that require placement in a specific type of space.