Living Learning Community Housing

Live with Others Who Share Your Passion

Link your personal, academic, and professional goals around a variety of exciting themes. Choose from the following living learning community housing options.

Challenge yourself intellectually by participating in a community that supports your progress in the Antonian Honors Program. These two Living Learning Communities bring together students with a shared interest for learning in and out of the classroom. Programs include trips to plays and museums, study breaks, and faculty discussions. This community is open to current honor students and first-year students interested in the Antonian Honors program.

All Honors students who live in this LLC will be housed in Crandall Hall, a building entirely dedicated to the Honors Living Learning Community.

"I love living on the Honors floor...I love that I can chat with classmates as I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen, or get to know my neighbors better when seeing a play with the rest of the floor. The activities we do are really fun, like visiting the Global Market in Minneapolis, and it's very convenient to be able to talk about class with other students on the floor." - Taylor Harwood, Antonian Honors Student

The Proud to Be First! Community is for first-generation students looking for both an academic and social community while living on campus. First-generation students have no parent or guardian who has a four-year degree. One in three students are first generation at St. Kate’s. Located in Stanton Hall and part of Scholar Center, this building is entirely dedicated to the Proud to Be First! Community. You’re in good company as you navigate your college experience and we want you to join us!

The Future Healthcare Professionals Community is for first year students aspiring to enter healthcare fields after graduation. Join us for scholarly support and specifically crafted events, intentionally connecting you to other staff, faculty, and students interested in healthcare. All students will take psychology together in their first semester. “Break a leg” on this new adventure we get to go on together in your first year at St. Kate’s!

How to Sign Up for a Living Learning Community

While completing the Housing and Dining Agreement on My Housing, you will be prompted to sign up for a Living Learning Community. 

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Learning Communities Promote Success

In comparison to other students, residents involved and actively participating in learning communities typically:

  • Achieve higher GPAs
  • Participate in more major and career exploration opportunities
  • Have higher retention rates to the University
  • Develop more connections to faculty, staff, students, and alumnae
  • Attend more programs and be more involved
  • Report higher levels of satisfaction with both on-campus housing and the University