Living Learning Community Housing

Live with others who share your passion

Link your personal, academic and professional goals around a variety of exciting themes—from STEM to Harry Potter. Choose from a variety of living learning community housing options.

Photo from the Healthy Living Community housing - shows students doing stretching exercises in a miirored exercise room. (Could be for yoga or dance).

The ASL Living Learning Community in Carondelet Center is a culturally and linguistically rich environment for students who know or are learning ASL. This is your opportunity to make like-minded friends in a community built on personal growth and adventure. You will develop your ASL competency through active engagement in floor activities and ongoing faculty mentorship.

Community Programs and Events
Participate in fun and educational programs like:

  • Trick-or-treating with students from the Metro Deaf School
  • Attending interpreted performances at local theaters
  • Traveling to Deaf Expo at Concordia College
  • Cooking floor dinners

"I live on this floor because I want to grow my ASL skills, meet other people who are practicing ASL, and learn more about deaf culture." - Hannah Saatzer, ASL Learning Community Member

ASL Community Learning Outcomes
In comparison to general residential and non-residential students, students involved and actively participating in the ASL Living Learning Community will:

  • Have higher grades than other students in the ASL/Interpreting majors.
  • Retain at higher levels to the major.
  • Practice their ASL skills outside of the classroom more than other ASL and Interpreting students.
  • Develop more connections with members of the deaf community and outside organizations than other students in the ASL/Interpreting program.

Students who are interested in practicing or studying ASL are invited to participate in the ASL Living Learning Community in Carondelet Center.

Priority placement is given to upper-class students.

Challenge yourself intellectually by participating in a community that supports your progress in the Antonian Honors Program. These two Living Learning Communities bring together students with a shared interest for learning in and out of the classroom. Programs include trips to plays and museums, study breaks, and faculty discussions. This community is open to current honor students and first-year students interested in the Antonian Honors program.

Upper-class students live in Carondelet Center; first year students live in St. Mary Hall.

Watch the Antonian Honors Community Video

"I love living on the Honors Floor...I love that I can chat with classmates as I'm cooking dinner in the kitchen, or get to know my neighbors better when seeing a play with the rest of the floor. The activities we do are really fun, like visiting the Global Market in Minneapolis, and it's very convenient to be able to talk about class with other students on the floor." - Taylor Harwood, Antonian Honors Student

The Emerging Scholars Community sets the stage for college success by providing resources that help you smoothly transition to college. In the comfort of your residence hall you will receive mentoring in math, writing, reading comprehension and science. Additionally, you can attend “Dine and Learn” sessions throughout the year. Topics include understanding college lingo, stress management strategies, and financial planning.

Emerging Scholar Community members have convenient access to academic advisors, career development counselors and a financial planner. You also receive priority placement for a work-study position at the St. Mary Hall desk where you can earn work-study dollars in an academically supportive environment.

Watch the Emerging Scholars Community Video

Watch Ikram Koliso's experience with the Learning Enrichment and Advising Program (LEAP)

Emerging Scholars Community Learning Outcomes
In comparison to general residential and non-residential students, students involved and actively participating in the Emerging Scholars Community will:

  • Develop an academic and financial success plan.
  • Have the opportunity to work one-on-one with peer tutors in subject areas critical to college success.
  • Benefit from a supportive community of scholars with study groups, organized campus outings, and social programming.

New, first-year students are welcome to sign up for the Emerging Scholars Community in St. Mary Hall.

Priority placement is given to students in the LEAP program and those who sign up prior to June 1.

The Global Awareness theme community nurtures an understanding and appreciation of the arts, languages, contributions, and current events of global cultures through programming, faculty and staff involvement, and community living. You have the opportunity to interact with faculty members, learn about study abroad possibilities, practice language skills, and share cultural interests.

Watch the Global Perspectives Community Video

Global Perspectives Learning Outcomes
In comparison to other residential and non-residential students, students involved and activity participating in the Global Perspectives Community will:

  • Demonstrate a higher interest in studying or traveling abroad.
  • Demonstrate higher levels of respect for fellow residents/students of differing genders, races/ethnicity, Religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and political views.
  • Benefit from interactions with residents who are different from themselves.
  • Have more interactions with residents who are different from themselves.
  • Enhance their ability to respect other races/ethnicities.

All new first-year students are invited to live in Global Awareness Housing in Crandall Hall.

Play Quidditch on your house team, attend the Yule Ball, and take Potions Class. The Gryffindor Tower Living Learning Community pairs the popular, four-credit Six Degrees of Harry Potter Literature course with a vibrant residential community. Students attend class in the Caecilian Hall, where they discuss the books using literary theory. The instructor takes learning outside the traditional classroom with activities like Quidditch tournaments, wand-making and house dinners.

Watch the Gryffindor Tower Community Video

"Being part of Gryffindor Tower allows me to live in Harry Potter's world. The community connects around our passion for the series. It's a unique experience that you can only get during your college years. I've met so many people I consider life-long friends. It's the best place I could have chosen to live on campus." Nicole Bailey, 3rd Year Gryffindor Tower Resident

New and returning students are eligible to live in Gryffindor Tower in Caecilian Hall. Participants must register for the Six Degrees of Harry Potter literature course for Fall semester.

Develop habits of a healthy lifestyle. The Healthy Living themed community is designed to introduce students to a wide range of wellness topics such as healthy eating habits, exercise, and the spirit-mind-body connection. Through collaboration with a faculty advisor and alumnae, you will also have the unique ability to connect with professionals in health-related fields.

Healthy Living Community Learning Outcomes
In comparison to general residential and non-residential students, students involved and actively participating in the Healthy Living Community will:

  • Develop a personal wellness plan and track personal success.
  • Increase their knowledge of what it means to have a healthy lifestyle.
  • Learn about technology applications to track personal wellness.

Priority for placement in the Healthy Living community Rauenhorst Hall is given to upper-class students.

Participating in the STEM living learning community in St. Mary Hall allows you to study and engage with your peers while pursuing your interests in science, technology, engineering and mathematics—fields in which women are often underrepresented.

The community supports successful completion of STEM-related majors ultimately improving the diversity of those employed in these disciplines. In your residence hall, you will receive mentoring in biology, chemistry, math and physics, along with increased interaction with faculty. Advance in your studies by attending Dine & Learn seminars throughout the year focusing on topics related to the STEM fields.

This community is open to all first-year students.

How to Sign Up for a Living Learning Community

While completing the Housing & Dining Agreement on My Housing, you will be prompted to sign up for a Living Learning Community. The priority deadline for current students is March 6. The priority sign up deadline for new students is June 1.

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Learning communities promote success.

In comparison to other students, residents involved and actively participating in learning communities will:

  • Achieve higher GPAs.
  • Participate in more major and career exploration opportunities.
  • Have higher retention rates to the University.
  • Develop more connections to faculty, staff, students, and alumnae.
  • Attend more programs and be more involved.
  • Report higher levels of satisfaction with both on-campus housing and the University.