Career Resources for Parents and Family

What do we offer?

Learn how the choices made during college will impact the happiness and vocational prospects of your Katie.

Career Development For Women
This two-credit career exploration course is open to all students and offers assessment activities which link to academic interests, skills, values, personality and work environment preferences to potential vocational options.

Internship Program
Our internship department works with students, employers, and faculty to develop meaningful, relevant internships. All students are encouraged to complete internships as part of their academic experience.

Career Fairs, On-Campus Recruiting and KatieCareer
A number of employers representing a wide variety of fields choose to recruit St. Kate’s students each year through campus interviews and our University’s job and internship database, KatieCareer. In addition, we offer a Career Opportunities Fair on campus each fall, and participate in career fairs with other Minnesota colleges, including the Minnesota Private Colleges Job and Internship Fair, a Government Career Fair, and an Education Job Fair.

The St. Catherine Experience
The University created an integrated and multifaceted plan that articulates specific activities which students can participate in to achieve their academic and career goals. The plan educates them about what they need to incorporate during each year to be ready for graduation and success beyond.

Supporting Your Student's Career Plans

New students frequently identify career issues and choosing a major as top concerns as they enter college. To be supportive, you can:

  • Reassure your student that you are interested in her process of growth and exploration.
  • Encourage her to visit the Career Development Office for help with career information and choosing or changing a major.
  • Review the occupational information your student shares so that you are also clearly informed about the realities of the job market, and can help her make informed decisions.
  • Understand that changing majors is a common occurrence as students develop new interests and are exposed to more options and experiences.
  • Encourage her to major in an area that she finds interesting and enjoys. (Students who major in what they enjoy generally have higher GPAs and persist to complete a degree.)
  • Suggest that she work closely with her academic advisor and faculty, and not be hesitant to ask questions.
  • Help her plan for internships to get career related experience.

Developmental Stages of College Students

Change and new challenges are parts of any good educational experience. Developmental theories identify certain behaviors and characteristics common to students as they progress through their college years. These characteristics include:

First Year Students will:

  • Demonstrate a vague awareness of career issues
  • Need time to adjust to college
  • Appreciate assistance in decision making
  • Need encouragement to explore and take academic risks
  • Explore academic interests through classes
  • Develop a connection to St. Catherine University, including other students, faculty and staff

Second and Third Year Students will:

  • Realize the need for career information and internship experience
  • Develop more complex reasoning
  • Begin to set priorities
  • Identify and organize academic and career alternatives
  • Narrow their career focus from a broad or more generalized group of choices

Senior Year Students will:

  • Need to make choices
  • Clarify and articulate their vision for the future
  • Formulate and implement a plan of action
  • Demonstrate more advanced critical and analytical reasoning
  • Accept some uncertainty as inevitable

If you recognize some of these characteristics in your student, know that they are important to her development and college experience. We hope to challenge your student to learn and pursue new opportunities, as well as support her in her journey through college and transitions beyond.