Interviews and Networking


Creating a positive impression during an interview is essential to receiving a job offer. Career Counselors and Career Development resources can help you prepare for an interview.


Networking is one of the most effective means of finding a job. Making connections with St. Kate’s alumni and professionals in your field can lead to learning about available opportunities or getting job referrals. The Career Development Center can help you learn effective networking techniques.

Potential Networking Connections

  • Connect with alumni through LinkedIn and on-campus events.
  • Faculty can provide introductions to others in your field.
  • Exchange professional connections and job leads with family and friends.
  • Join professional associations to make industry-specific connections while attending or volunteering at events.
  • Co-workers can act as mentors and help you network within and outside your organization.


  • Introduce yourself as a Katie if reaching out to a graduate of St. Kate’s.
  • Invite the connection to a brief conversation about their career field or company.
  • Suggest a time frame and means of connecting—in person or by phone.
  • Exchange contact information and agree on a meeting time.
  • Prepare questions to ask ahead of time.
  • Be respectful of and stick to the agreed upon time commitment.
  • Send a thank you note.

Catherine Career Guide to Informational Interviewing and Networking

Networking through LinkedIn

Build Your Profile

Employers often view your LinkedIn profile before offering an interview. It is important to have a current, professional profile to successfully network and build your career.


Once your LinkedIn profile is complete, use LinkedIn to your advantage.

  • Search for jobs and internships using LinkedIn’s intuitive search filters.
  • Follow” the companies at which you are interested in working to see updates show your interest.
  • Prepare for interviews by reading your interviewer’s LinkedIn page.
  • Connect with recruiters you meet at career fairs, remind them of your conversation and reiterate your interest in a position.
  • Join industry groups and follow and contribute to conversations as appropriate.

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Guide to Networking with Alumni on LinkedIn