Graduate School

Graduate study allows you to become more specialized and focused in a particular area of interest. Graduate programs usually require active participation in research and/or practica, internships, externships, and clinical experiences, as well as coursework. Students who complete a graduate program develop specialized skills to practice in certain professions or conduct research.

Types of Graduate Degrees

  • Master’s degrees are typically earned after 2-3 years of study and in a specific field or professional practice.
  • Research doctoral degrees usually take 4-6 years of full-time study, plus several years to complete a dissertation. A PhD prepares individuals for careers in academia or research.

St. Kate's offers both master’s and doctoral programs.

Choosing a Program that's Right for You

Begin your research by consulting with others.

  • Talk with advisors, mentors, alumni of St Kate’s, and with other professionals in the field. Ask about others' graduate work and learn about specific programs.
  • Consult with students currently studying in the graduate programs you are considering.
  • Attend the annual ACTC Graduate and Professional School Fair offered each fall.
  • Continue your research by consulting reference materials online or in the Career Development Center. Career counselors can help guide you through your search.

Consider these factors as you create your list of potential schools.

  • department specialties
  • flexibility of curriculum and schedule
  • admission/pre-requisite requirements
  • facilities: library, housing, labs, etc.
  • reputation and quality of program
  • practical experience opportunities
  • cost/tuition/availability of financial aid
  • location
  • minority students enrolled
  • faculty/possibility of advisor in your field
  • PhD production and average amount of time to complete
  • placement of graduates

Application Requirements

The application for graduate school may require different pieces of information. Check the application requirements carefully and be prepared to provide the following.

  • application form
  • personal statement
  • letters of recommendation
  • transcripts
  • aptitude tests/standardized test scores
  • interviews, portfolios, auditions
  • financial aid applications and fellowship opportunities

Application requirements guide