Anupama Pasricha, PhD

Associate Professor and Chair

Personal evaluation and reflection deepens my sense of consciousness towards the mission and vision of St. Catherine University and the realization that I have embodied this mission and vision. St. Catherine University has given me inspiration, the opportunity to work with wonderful people, and helped me grow and flourish as an individual, educator, researcher, and servant leader. This growth has enabled me to bring forth progressive influence on my students, colleagues, and community. It has brought me bliss, triumph, and an empowerment to continue the journey. I have been teaching at St. Catherine University since 2005. I have found St. Kate's to be an ideal place for life-long learning and personal growth where all individuals are rendered in a positive and supporting environment to become transformational leaders.

Apparel, Merchandising & Design
Research Interest
Sustainable fashion and apparel-design and product management;
Sustainability education within fashion and apparel;
Experiential learning;
Systems and design thinking