St. Kate's IRB COVID-19 update

Effective May 10, 2021, research and quality improvement projects involving face-to-face interaction with participants can be conducted in-person as long as the primary investigator submits an in-person interaction addendum and outlines how they will follow existing local COVID-19 restrictions (city/county), including the St. Kate’s COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (masking, social distancing, cleaning, etc).

St. Catherine University COVID-19 Preparedness Plan

Covid-19 In-Person Interaction Addendum

Link to email sent to PI's on 05/10/2021

The St. Catherine University IRB is a committee established to review and approve research involving human subjects. We strive to ensure that all human subject research be conducted in accordance with all federal, institutional, and ethical guidelines. The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all research involving human subjects to ensure protection, privacy, autonomy, dignity and informed consent for research participants. The protection of human subjects is a shared responsibility among researchers, advisors, and the University and the IRB has developed a process to assist in achieving the best possible research outcome. St. Catherine University's human subjects research program is administered by Sponsored Programs, Research and External Engagement (SPREE).

Apply for IRB Approval

Investigators cannot begin research with human subjects until a complete application has been submitted to the IRB, reviewed and approved. The IRB Application Process webpage contains information to help investigators navigate the IRB application process including directions, forms, links, and templates.

IRB Application Process 

The Institutional Review Board (IRB) application process is conducted through an online software system called Mentor IRB available to all University faculty, staff, and students.

Login to Mentor IRB

Mentor IRB directions

Mentor IRB - Submit your IRB Application Tutorial Video (5 minutes)

Human Subject Research (HSR) Policy

The Research Involving Human Subject Policy describes the guiding principles and regulatory requirements necessary to ensure the rights, dignity, welfare, and privacy of the human subjects in all research conducted on behalf of the St. Catherine University. Human subject research is integrated more broadly within a system of policies around research integrity which can be found on the SPREE Policy and Compliance webpage.

CITI Training: Mandatory HSR Education

Education of those involved in the research process is considered essential to ensure that all research involving human subjects is conducted in accordance with ethical principles and federal guidelines. The Mandatory Research Education Policy requires all primary investigators (PI), Co-PIs, research assistants, and faculty advisors to complete Human Subjects Research (HSR) training. Additional training is outlined in the policy but the IRB does not require training in Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) and Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI). Researchers only need to complete the RCR or FCOI courses when directed by the SPREE office.

Mandatory Research Education Policy

CITI is the chosen provider for online, peer-reviewed research integrity education. The IRB requires researchers to complete one track under the Human Subject Research course: Biomedical Investigators, Social Behavioral Investigators, or Education Action Research.

IRB Committee

IRB Administration

Name IRB Committee role Department Phone Email
Dianne Oliver Deciding Official Associate Provost for Academic Affairs 651-690-6720 Email Deciding Official Dianne Oliver
John Schmitt IRB Chair Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 651-690-7739 Email IRB Chair John Schmitt
David Chapman IRB Co-Chair Doctor of Physical Therapy Program 651-690-7826 Email IRB Co-Chair David Chapman
Jenna Horvat Administrative Assistant for Research Programs  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 651-690-7851 Email Admin Assistant for Research Programs
Kira Dahlk IRB Administrator Office of Research and Sponsored Programs 651-690-8820 Email IRB Administrator Kira Dahlk


IRB Review Board

Name Program Phone Email
John Fleming Occupational Science, Occupational Therapy 651-690-6951 Email John Fleming 
Carol Geisler Holistic Health 651-690-7789 Email Carol Geisler 
Yasemin Gunpinar Education 651-690-6313 Email Yasemin Gunpinar 
Kari Hartwig Public Health 651-690-6113 Email Kari Hartwig
Catherine Kelly Education 651-690-6726 Email Catherine Kelly
Nancy Koski Community Representative    
Mary Jeanne Levitt Community Representative    
Anaya Mitra Psychology 651-690-8614 Email Anaya Mitra 
Leso Munala Public Health 651-690-6265 Email Leso Munala 
Andrea Olson Psychology 651-690-8794 Email Andrea Olson 
Sharon Radd Organizational Leadership 651-690-6189 Email Sharon Radd 
Maria Tice Nursing (MSN)  651-690-6575 Email Maria Tice
Joyce Yukawa Library and Information Science 651-690-8661 Email Joyce Yukawa 
Katrice Ziefle Nursing 651-690-6155 Email Katrice Ziefle 

Committee Meetings

The IRB Committee meets to discuss requests for full review applications. The majority of IRB applications submitted to the St. Kate's IRB do not require a full review and can be submitted at any time. Full review IRB applications and supporting documents must be submitted through Mentor IRB two weeks prior to the next IRB Committee meeting. Full reviews are scheduled based on the order in which they are received. Once the meeting agenda is full, additional full reviews will be scheduled in the next available meeting. IRB meetings are listed on the SPREE webpage at the bottom under Department Events. If you do not see an upcoming IRB Committee Meeting contact