When a grant or contract is awarded, the project can officially begin after the principal investigator or project director meets with SPREE to discuss the various components that make up the award, including

  • Expectations and responsibilities of the PI/PD and SPREE

  • Award start and end dates

  • Approved award budget

  • Research compliance requirements

  • Account set-up and budget management (e.g., Pcard/OOP, purchasing practices, personnel management) 

  • IT purchases (if applicable)

  • Contract management 

  • Time and effort

  • Reporting requirements

  • Sponsor recognition or publication requirements

  • Closeout and audit

Award Management Forms and Templates

Below you will find institutional forms that are required for award management, as well as templates for use with contractors. View the Grant Spending Tree Infographic for guidance on purchasing.


St. Kate’s Frequently Requested Information
Common information required for grant applications, as well as other institutional information 

St. Kate’s W-9
Frequently, a funder will need a copy of St. Kate's W-9 to certify our Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

Business Expense Policy
All purchases must adhere to the Business Expense Policy.

Check Request
Use if there isn't a PO/invoice, or if OOP cannot be used, to make approved payments and reimbursements to consultants, vendors, or students.

Delegation of Authority
All purchases must adhere to the University's Delegation of Authority.

IT Request Form
Prior approval is needed before purchasing IT equipment or services. Use this form when requesting to purchase IT hardware, software, or other IT services. 

Metered Mail Slips
Use to mail items with the St. Kate’s post office in order to charge expenses to grant/department funds.

Participant Incentives Log
Use to track participant incentives for research participants. Review the University’s Participant Incentive Policy for details and requirements. A Participant Incentive Request Form must be submitted and approved prior to this log (see below).

Participant Incentives Request Form
Submit this form to request the distribution of participant incentives. 

Pcard and Out-of-Pocket (OOP) Application Form
Application to request a university Pcard or the set up of an Out-of-Pocket account with Wells Fargo. 

Purchase Requisition
Use for any purchase over $5,000 via the Purchasing Department, see Purchasing Policy.

Request for Transfer of Funds Form
Use when an erroneous charge has been placed on an account to transfer the charge to the correct fund-org. At the bottom of the form, you will need to justify the error in detail and describe how you will prevent this from happening in the future. 

Sales Tax Refund Instructions
Instructions on how to waive sales tax charges if purchasing online. If purchases are made through Amazon, reach out to the Purchasing Department to make sure you're using the University's Amazon Business account.

St. Kate’s MN Certificate of Exemption
To avoid paying sales tax as a nonprofit organization, use this form at the time of purchase. If you are purchasing online, review the Sales Tax Refund Instructions.

Transcription Services
A list of on-campus and off-campus resources for transcription work. 

Vendor ACH
Automatic deposit authorization form to pay vendors directly into their banking account. 

Vendor/Consultant W-9 Form
This is a mandatory form for payment to vendors. Please include with all forms for vendor payment requests. This form asks for the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Certification from a Vendor or Consultant.

Travel Authorization Form
All travel must be approved through a Travel Authorization Form prior to incurring expenses.

Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Use Carlson Wagonlit Travel to book all grant-funded travel, including hotel, lodging, flights, and car rental. Contact Purchasing (purchasing@stkate.edu) and use this ServiceNow article to set up a profile.

Mileage Report
Use this form to document grant-funded mileage reimbursement for students. Employee mileage reimbursement should be submitted through Wells Fargo Out-of-Pocket.

Travel Expense Report (International)
Use this form to document grant-funded international travel for expenses not on your PCard. Use the foreign currency of the location you traveled to. 

Travel Expense Report (Student)
Use this form to document grant-funded student travel for expenses not on a PCard.

Consultant Agreement Template
Use this form when contracting with an external consultant. This form should be reviewed and approved by the SPREE office prior to enforcement of the contract.

Consultant Form
Use to pay a consultant for grant-related work (not employed by St. Kate’s). Submit an ACH Form for electronic payment.

Consultant vs. Subaward vs. Vendor Checklist
Use to determine what type of relationship is most appropriate when working with an individual, company, or organization (not a St. Kate’s employee).

Subaward Agreement Template
This form is used when St. Kate’s is the lead organization on a grant award. 

Additional Faculty or Staff Payment
Use to pay St. Kate’s faculty/staff for one time or short term grant work under $5,000.

Employment and Recruitment Resources
See HR’s website for recruiting and hiring requirements. 

Graduate Assistantships and Trainee Policy
A Traineeship Placement Plan and Traineeship Award Form for Budgetary Approval must be completed.

Personnel Action Form
Use to inform HR about a number of personnel actions, such as new hire, rehire, increase or decrease in hours, and termination.

Student Employment Resources
Use as guide for current student wage rates, student employment certifications, student employment manuals, and more.