GHR Foundation AEG Grant Funding

The Henrietta Schmoll School of Health received an $18 million Academic Excellence Grant (AEG) from the GHR Foundation in 2016 to improve societal health and well-being by preparing high quality providers capable of practicing in emerging health-related environments focused on interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural fluency, and ecological approaches to health with particular emphasis on global health, senior living, and primary care. Funding has been made available to the broader St. Kate's community to promote and advance this work. Proposals must align to the AEG framework and grant pillars.

Student Conference Travel Awards

Awards of up to $2,000 are available to students who are presenting work connected to one of the key components of the GHR Foundation Academic Excellence Grant (AEG), as representatives of St. Catherine University. If collaborating on a presentation, a total amount granted will be a maximum of $4,000 and will need to be shared amongst awardees. Current students and students who have graduated within 12 months of the presentation date are eligible to apply. Limited funds are available and selection priority will be given to presentations that best align with grant priorities as defined in the AEG Conceptual Framework. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To apply for these funds apply by going to the link below.

**If you have received a GHR Conference Travel Grant to present, please use the approved GHR PowerPoint template for your presentation.

Student conference presentation travel award application

GHR Student Travel Award Final Report