GHR Foundation AEG Grant Funding

The Henrietta Schmoll School of Health received an $18 million Academic Excellence Grant (AEG) from the GHR Foundation in 2016 to improve societal health and well-being by preparing high quality providers capable of practicing in emerging health-related environments focused on interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural fluency, and ecological approaches to health. Funding has been made available to the broader St. Kate's community to promote and advance this work. 

Innovative Scholarship Grants

Through Innovative Scholarship Grants, faculty in any discipline, college, or school may apply for up to $15,000 to support research clearly aligned with one of the areas in the framework for health (Interprofessional Collaborative Practice, Cultural Fluency, or Ecological Approaches). Proposals will be strengthened if they also address primary care, senior living, or global health. Priority points will be given to proposals that include inter-professional work across schools, colleges, and departments and that engage students in research.

Framework for Health: 

Interprofessional Collaborative Practice (ICP) 

When multiple health workers from different backgrounds work together with patients, families, careers, and communities to deliver the highest quality of care (WHO, 2010)

Cultural Fluency

Ability to navigate the many dimensions of culture needed to build shared meaning and understanding with people from other cultures. It is comprised of several skills such as working with ambiguity, flexibility, respect, empathy and adaptability (Inoue, 2007)

Ecological Approach

Grounded in the understanding that the conditions that result in individual health or illness arise out of the interaction between an individual’s traits and their physical and sociocultural environment and are influenced on multiple levels (e.g. intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, community and policy (Sallis & Owen, 2015)


Eligibility: St. Catherine University faculty members are eligible to apply. Adjuncts are not eligible to apply as PIs, but can be involved on the grant as a Co-PI or collaborator. The applicant’s Chair or next level approver must sign off before the proposal is reviewed by the committee.


  • Applications are due February 1

*Deadlines are set for each academic year. If the deadline falls on a weekend, the deadline will be the following Monday at 11:59pm.

Review and Selection Process: The APDC will review applications and select grantees based on a merit review process. The committee will use this rubric to evaluate proposals.

Innovative Scholarship Grants Application
GHR Innovative Scholarship Grant Final Report

Use these templates and sample documents to apply for internal funding of research.

Internal grant budget template

Internal grants compensation policy

Budget sample

Budget justification sample

External letter of support sample