GHR Foundation AEG Grant Funding

The Henrietta Schmoll School of Health received an $18 million Academic Excellence Grant (AEG) from the GHR Foundation in 2016 to improve societal health and well-being by preparing high quality providers capable of practicing in emerging health-related environments focused on interprofessional collaborative practice, cultural fluency, and ecological approaches to health with particular emphasis on global health, senior living, and primary care. Funding has been made available to the broader St. Kate's community to promote and advance this work. Proposals must align to the AEG framework and grant pillars. The following funding mechanisms are available for faculty, staff and students.

General Proposals

Recognizing that innovative ideas evolve outside of the Innovative Scholarship Grants, funds are available for innovative projects and programs across the university. This form is to serve as a tool for individuals to submit proposals for funding. All departments and employees are eligible to submit proposals. After primary review, if your proposal is selected to continue your proposal will be forwarded to the committee that best aligns with your proposal. Upon committee's favorable review, your final proposal will be submitted to the PI for approval. As each grant year proceeds there will be variable funds available. At year-end as funds are identified, particular grant pillars might be designated as priority concentrations for the next FY.

General proposal form

Final Report 

Application deadline: rolling deadline