Course Delivery Tiers

Course Tier Definitions

Tier One

Courses that must have an on-campus component for students to complete due to physical equipment or required hands-on learning for which there is no alternative. All Tier One courses will be held on campus in fall 2020.

Tier Two

Courses that can be moved to online instruction, but the lack of access to the physical attributes on campus (e.g., lab/studio equipment/space) impacts learning. All Tier Two courses will be held on campus in fall 2020.

Tier Three

These are courses that can be delivered through online instruction with no specific requirements for physical attributes on campus. All Tier Three courses will be online in fall 2020, with the following exceptions:

  • CORE 1000W/2000W The Reflective Woman (TRW) courses that were originally scheduled to be in face-to-face or hybrid formats will be offered in hybrid format with some face-to-face meetings. Sections of TRW that were originally scheduled to be fully online (sections for some associate degree students and those in the RN-BSN program) will remain fully online. 
  • CORE 3990W Global Search for Justice (GSJ) will be offered in both hybrid (some face-to-face components) and fully online.

Tier Four

These are courses that are already online and do not require physical space on campus.

Tier Five

These courses involve practica, internships, clinicals, fieldwork, etc., and do not require physical space on campus. Program directors and department chairs will address each of these courses on an individual basis.

Where is the tier designation located?

The tier designation for each section is listed in the course schedule. Select the applicable schedule (College for Women, College for Adults, Graduate College), then enter the term (Fall 2020), the subject and course number, and click on Class Search. You will see the tier designation listed as an Attribute

Note to Students: Several courses have more than one section. For example, CORE 1000W The Reflective Woman has more than two dozen sections. To ensure that you are checking the correct section in the course schedule, go to "My Class Schedule" on My St. Kate's Students and jot down the CRNs of the courses you are registered for this fall. When you access the course schedule, make sure you are looking at the section with the CRN that matches the one you are taking. Contact your academic advisor if you need assistance.