Holistic Health Studies Certificate

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Holistic Health Studies Certificate

Holistic Health Certificate Program Highlights

Format: Online

Start: Fall or Spring

Time to completion: 1 year

Credits required: 12

Tuition per credit (2024–2025): $760

Total tuition: $9,120

Rates are subject to change each June 1. Tuition and fee information

Scholarship Opportunities

A St. Catherine University education is one of the most worthwhile investments you’ll ever make, and we are committed to helping you find ways to make that investment affordable.

New Certificate students are considered for up to $2,000 in funding from the following scholarship programs: innovation in holistic health, diversity, alumni, and academic achievement.

Certificate students employed by a St. Kate’s corporate or community partner may be eligible for a 10% tuition reduction.

Graduate students may also be eligible for loan and grant programs.


Integrate Holistic Health into Your Profession and Life

At the core of the holistic health graduate certificate program is a commitment to cultural diversity and a respect for indigenous and ancient healing practices. The graduate curriculum draws on knowledge from all corners of life and all disciplines of study. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of healing traditions, along with your own cultural influences, as you investigate the historic constructs underpinning today's medical systems.

St. Kate’s academic and experiential program gives you the tools to integrate holistic health into a variety of professions and fields. Our holistic health studies certificate graduates apply their research-based knowledge, entrepreneurial spirit, caring, and creativity in a wide variety of capacities:

  • healthcare providers who are seeking to integrate holistic and complementary skills into their practice
  • mental health practitioners
  • educators and other human development professionals
  • independent professionals already working as, or seeking to work as, alternative and complementary health practitioners

Classes will be held in a synchronous online format.

Holistic Health Graduate Certificate Program Overview

St. Catherine has developed a graduate certificate in holistic health for students who want to explore the content of holistic health, but do not necessarily want to complete the entire graduate degree. This certificate will allow those students to achieve their educational goals.

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