Elina Shampan '11, MBA'22

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Shampan '11, MBA'22

I was thrilled when I learned I could major in Fashion Merchandising at St. Kate's through the Associated Colleges of the Twin Cities (ACTC) program. Even though I was a St. Thomas student, St. Kate's welcomed me into their community. My fashion merchandising classes were demanding yet interactive and enjoyable. I still have my binder of textile swatches and some textbooks saved from my fashion classes. I've held a few roles at Target, but my current role is as an analyst under the Financial Retail Services pyramid.

After starting my most recent position, I decided to pursue my MBA. My undergraduate experiences at St. Kate's were so positive. I knew I needed to become a Katie one more time if I wanted the same challenging, practical, and well-rounded education.

My advice to other Katies is to understand the fundamentals of the type of work you enjoy doing or what you want from your career. Then be open to pursuing roles that allow you to keep growing your experiences and building your resume around those fundamentals. Do that, plus network, and eventually, you will get precisely where you want to be.