Students in Community Leaders Program Work in Celeste's Dream Garden

Students' work in community garden supports local nonprofit organizations.
St. Kate's students working in Celeste's Dream community garden.

This summer, St. Kate's Community Work and Learning students continued work on Celeste's Dream community garden, enhancing garden beds with compost, planting vegetables, and more through their positions in the Community Leaders program.

"Being able to do meaningful work in a collaborative environment has been so grounding and motivating in a time when so much is changing," said Ellen Hiestand ’21, pictured here with fellow Community Leaders Program students Erica Olson ’21 and Clara Godoy-Henderson '22. "Gardening has also been a huge support to my mental health this summer as it has given me the chance to get outside and be active while being in community with other gardeners — from a distance and with masks, of course!"

The students' work supports community organizations right on campus and across the Twin Cities, as half of the garden harvest goes to nonprofits such as Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women, St. Kate’s Food Shelf, and Hallie Q. Brown Community Center.