A Statement Regarding George Floyd

Picture of the rose window from the chapel

We are devastated by the murder of George Floyd. Images of the incident that took Mr. Floyd’s life, coupled with his words, “I can’t breathe,” leave an indelible scar on our notions of justice and humanity.  While today’s news of charges being filed in connection to this murder may bring some hope that justice will be served, the events of this week remind us that despite many gains, racism still exists.  

The history of racism in our country that has brought us to this point is one we recognize all too well. We mourn the hard fact that, even in 2020, communities of color--particularly the Black community--do not enjoy the freedoms that white communities have taken for granted for centuries.  

As an educational institution committed to social justice, we cannot stay true to ourselves and to our values without first accepting responsibility for our own complicity in perpetuating systemic racism. 

Now is the time to lean on our faith, make clear our commitment to justice and equity, and address the trauma that has been inflicted. We must change the conditions in our society that deny the most basic of human rights to all people of color in our society. 

Meaningful actions of all sizes help effect the change we want to see in our world: one where we all enjoy the same basic human rights, regardless of our race.


Thank you, and Peace,

Pat Pratt-Cook,
Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Equity, and Inclusion

Seth Snyder,
Dean of Students