Statement Regarding David Haas


We are saddened to write that we have learned of allegations of sexual inappropriate behavior by David Haas, a liturgical composer and former Director of Music Ministry Alive (MMA). These allegations have come from multiple women, in multiple diocese, and have resulted in the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St.Paul issuing statements on June 16 and July 8.

St. Catherine University was the host site for MMA summer camps between 1999-2017. While we know of no allegations occurring on campus at this time, we reach out to offer our support for anyone who might have had this experience. Please reach out for support to any organization, including St. Catherine University Health and Wellness Clinic for referrals or our Center for Spirituality and Social Justice for guidance. If you wish to register a legal complaint, please do so by contacting your local law enforcement office.

For far too long, power has silenced voices that deserve to be heard and altered lives that deserved to be lived fully. May we all work together for a day when such incidents decrease and are forced in to the light fully, early, and thus protect all from such injustice.

ReBecca Koenig Roloff

Updated August 5, 2020