St. Kate’s Commitment to an Inclusive and Safe Community

Dear St. Kate's Community, 

At St. Kate’s, we care deeply about the experience of our students, faculty and staff and the community which we create together. It is the mission of St. Catherine University  that people feel empowered to lead and influence, on our campus and beyond. We value the diversity that is represented on our campus, the wholeness and connection we create through our shared experience, and our commitment to community, integrity, and social justice.

To date, we have had one discrimination incident related to COVID-19 and that is one too many. This action is a direct violation of our University code of conduct and harassment and discrimination policies. This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. St. Kate’s opposes all prejudice, and this behavior opposes our core values and leads to division in our community. The current pandemic or other situations are not an excuse for the violation of these policies and values. 

As we are bombarded with news, ideas, and opinions about any number of things associated with COVID-19, it is critical that we take the time to analyze the messages we receive, arm ourselves with facts, and each take on the responsibility of dismantling the myths and stigmas that have resulted in rampant ignorance and discrimination. You can interrupt the stigmas surrounding coronavirus by:

  • Avoiding spreading misinformation. Share accurate information through reputable resources like the CDC and the Minnesota Department of Health.

  • Speaking up if you hear, see, or read misinformation or harassment. If anyone experiences this, report it immediately. We take this very seriously and the appropriate actions will be taken. Reports should be made to Sandra Mitchell at or at via our online form found on our Title IX policy page.

  • Showing compassion and support for those most closely impacted. Since the outbreak began, there has been an increase in bias and harassment against Asian Americans and immigrants in the community. COVID-19 recognizes no nationality, ethnicity, or race.

St. Kate’s has a strong commitment to creating and fostering an inclusive community. We will always work toward building a community where everyone, regardless of identity, can enjoy a sense of belonging and safety. If you have experienced harassment or discrimination, we encourage you to report the incident(s) a supervisor, department head, the Dean of Students, Academic Dean, the appropriate Vice President, Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Equity and Inclusion, or Director of Human Resources. Director of Equity and Inclusion.

Even in times of social distancing, it is important to remember that St. Kates stands together as one community. We all play a role in developing and fostering that community. 


Patricia Pratt-Cook, Senior Vice President for Human Resources, Equity, and Inclusion

Sandra Mitchell, Director for Equity and Inclusion 

Seth Snyder, Dean of Students

Nancy Heitzeg, Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee Co-Chair

Pa Der Vang, Inclusive Excellence Advisory Committee Co-Chair