St. Catherine University responds to protest of Heartland Circle event

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Official statement from St. Catherine University regarding demonstration

June 10, 2016

St. Catherine University develops ethical, socially responsible graduates empowered to act in ways that reflect their convictions. Accordingly, we applaud courageous individuals who step up and speak out. As a college for women, this conviction comes into sharp focus when addressing sexual violence against women.

Early this morning, a group including Sarah Super, a sexual assault survivor and victim advocate, held a peaceful demonstration outside the gates of St. Catherine University, protesting sexual violence against women and a social culture where victims are often blamed and perpetrators protected. We believe St. Kate’s may have been chosen as a protest location because Heartland Circle, a Minneapolis-based leadership organization owned by the parents of Ms. Super’s convicted assailant, held an event adjacent to University property this morning. St. Kate’s has collaborated with this organization in the past, focusing on topics of leadership in the workplace.

Our St. Catherine values of compassion and mercy must extend first, of course, to the victim and her family, but also to the family of the offender and even to the offender himself.

St. Catherine University always encourages open dialogue across our campus communities where all seek to create safe and inclusive environments.

Editor's Note:

University President, Andrea Lee, IHM, released a new statement regarding this issue on June 13, 2016. Read her message.